History Shows Socialism Only Benefits the Rulers

Socialism always gets its evil grip a nation by appealing to the common working people.

They point out how miserable the people are or they make them appear to be.

Then they make all kinds of promises to these so-called miserable working people, giving them false hopes of better working conditions, better benefits and more money.

Millions of workers are drawn to the promises, like fish are drawn to a bait and the fate is much the same.

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A look at the history of some of the world’s socialist leaders reveals that those leaders were the only ones who lived the life of luxury, not the people, who are left much worse off than before the socialists took control.

Fox News – Lifestyles of the Rich and Socialist: From Chavez to Castro, leaders who lived the high life – Socialist leaders come to power promising to equalize society.

But, in the words of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” their followers soon learn “some are more equal than others.”

American democratic socialists have faced scrutiny for their own indulgences under the capitalist system — for instance, Sen. Bernie Sanders has three homes and a proclivity for private jet travel.

But American socialists’ luxuries pale in comparison to those of history’s most infamous socialist and communist leaders around the world.


Hugo Chavez brought socialism to Venezuela and once said that it is “bad” to be rich. Yet his family lived in opulence even as the rest of the country has in recent years descended into starvation and violence…

Socialists speak of sharing the wealth but the only wealth they really want to share is that of everyone else which is to be used for their own gain.

A prime example here in the United States is Barack Obama, who often spoke of sharing the wealth but who managed to more than double his multimillion dollar wealth by the time he left office and there are no signs of him sharing that with anyone else.

What about socialist Bernie Sanders who also has spoken of sharing the wealth and working hard to help the common working people, and yet he owns three homes and like socialist Obama, is a multimillionaire who is not sharing his wealth.


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