Hillary’s Big-Bucks Indoctrination of Your Kids

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Are you fed up with sexual weirdness and anti-Christian bigotry being packaged and sold to our children as “inclusion” and “civil rights”?

Especially when it’s done in the name of “preventing bullying”?

Well, if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she has a plan to take deceptive propaganda to the next level. And it’s all Donald Trump’s fault, according to Hillary’s cronies.

Clinton recently unveiled a $500 million plan for more federally directed anti-bullying programs in schools, under yet another “safe schools” effort. States will receive grants and matching funds if they comply with the requirements.

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And those requirements include the cherished wish lists of homosexual lobbyists.

Her plan includes “vigorous enforcement” through the Office of Civil Rights, an arm of the federal Department of Education, to police alleged violations of Title IX and its recent illegitimate application to gender-confused boys and girls in school restrooms and locker rooms.

In other words, Hillary will use a “civil rights” excuse to continue the strong-arm tactics of Obama, forcing gender deviance on local schools or withholding funding.

The plan was analyzed in Education Week, which noted that the National Education Association says there’s been an uptick in school bullying because of … wait for it … Donald Trump.

That’s how the left thinks, especially sexual radicals.

Yet experts closer to the facts say there’s actually been a recent decrease in bullying.

Clinton’s “Better Than Bullying” initiative explains:

“Our country is great because the American people are good. … We promise that no matter who you are, where you come from, how you pray, or who you love – you have a place in America. But we still have work to do to make that promise real for our kids. Children with disabilities are mocked for their perceived differences. LGBT and Muslim students are targeted because of who they are or how they pray. …”

Hillary plans to force schools to become more “inclusive” – except, of course, not always for Christians, conservatives and people who have traditional moral values.

The Hillary initiative is primarily a program laden with social workers and mental-health monitors to force acceptance of sexual deviance and anything-but-Christian faith.

To receive these federal matching funds, states would have to pass “anti-bullying” laws that explicitly prohibit bullying based on the categories of “… race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion.”

But many states have refrained from adding this language because such laws become discriminatory speech codes, used to limit the legitimate exchange of ideas, not actual bullying. To leftists like Hillary and her NEA teachers’ union buddies, “bullying” includes unwanted conservative opinions.

That is why we conservatives stand opposed to these expanded laws.

Many American parents and students do not agree that there are separately created humans called “LGBT,” and this child-sex-labeling needs to end.

That in itself is bullying by adults of vulnerable, impressionable kids.

These are instead children designed like all others as male or female heterosexuals, who are sadly tempted to use their bodies in ways adults and schools should universally discourage.

There is nothing positive about homosexual behavior or gender pretense, and this is the position schools should always take for the long-term well-being of students.

Neither should any students living in the United States be expected to honor and respect the tenets of Islam or the false god to whom Muslims pray.

On the contrary, no one has to be a Muslim. America now has many ex-Muslims, and we should encourage more. One cannot respect our American freedoms and equal protection while affirming the inequality and oppression of Islam, which sponsors and encourages unjust Shariah law.

Nothing better symbolizes the primitive teachings of Islam than the hijab worn by Muslim women. Remove these symbols of female oppression and maybe more productive conversations can occur in American schools.

But if Hillary gets her way, schools will be filled with textbooks that tutor our children in leftist mythology. “People are born ‘gay’ and Islam is a religion of peace!”

Is the earth also now flat? Will Santa Claus bring all our Christmas gifts this year? (Or maybe Hillary will force us to exchange only “holiday” gifts.)

Under Hillary’s plan, Congress would pass the “Safe Schools Improvement Act.” Sounds positive, until one realizes it would be a school “anti-bullying” law to protect homosexuality and gender-switching as behavioral rights in schools.

We’ve been here before.

Remember the name Kevin Jennings? Jennings, the founder of the extreme Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), was appointed in 2009 in Barack Obama’s first term to a high post in the U.S. Department of Education as the so-called “safe schools czar.”

While in that position, Jennings joined others in the DOE to issue a new interpretation of Title IX law through a “Dear Colleague” letter that instructed school officials to apply the law about “sex” to “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

And of course, the implicit threat was that those schools that did not might lose federal funding.

Obama took this to the next level and made it clear this past May through his bathroom mandate that students could enter opposite-sex private facilities at will under a newly conjured Title IX rationale.

Even though 24 states have since sued the feds over this mandate, many local school districts have complied anyway. A federal judge in Texas just put a stay on this mandate, and Obama is suing over that stay.

But if any parent thought Hillary was a friend to children, just take a look at her plan about bullying and consider this back story.

The sordid reality of Hillary’s plan is more sweeping indoctrination to firmly plant homosexuality and gender confusion as fully accepted behaviors even among grade school children.

Most American parents will shout a great big “NO” to such institutional child abuse.

This is what a Hillary presidency will spend its time on. There’s an easy solution, however.

Elect a more conservative candidate – Donald Trump.

And then lock Hillary up.

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