Hillary the Victim, the Offended

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Speaking down to people, her tradition, Hillary Clinton recently said Republican presidential candidates are reaching new rhetorical lows. She complained about name calling. She complained about hyperbole. She whined about bombast. She said such dishonorable behavior is beneath her. There are several takeaways:

  • When a Democrat (radical leftist) complains about Republican rhetoric, you know you are hitting a nerve, so keep hitting. It is long past time for Republicans to be taking off the gloves. Obama and the Democrats took off the gloves a long time ago, and we’ve been taking cheap shots ever since. Mitt needed to be in the ring with Obama, not Holyfield.  Trump is willing to get into the ring and throw punches, the main reason he is popular.
  • Democrats (radical leftists) employ the most outrageous rhetoric, far exceeding anything Republics can even imagine, so for HRC to huff and puff is like the King Cobra complaining the family dog is venomous.
  • Republicans, especially the conservative kind (like the Founders) are at an automatic disadvantage. They are forced to play by the rules set down by the Democrats and mass media. The over-rule is: be nice, be accommodating, be submissive—-or be attacked, blamed, ridiculed, accused and condemned. So if a Republican like Ted Cruz speaks forthrightly, well, he is a whack job, a troublemaker, a hater, a jackass, even attacked by members of his own party.
  • Any Republican, especially the conservative kind, who complains about the double-standard is dismissed as a cry baby, and told to man up, and any real man who stands up, is attacked for waging a war on women. The Democrats have set up a clever pincer move: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
  • Hillary Clinton is especially accomplished demonizing opponents. She learned at the master’s feet. Saul Alinsky taught his disciples to isolate an enemy, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it through ridicule, personal attack, anything that works. In short: play as dirty as you have to, for the only moral value is victory. Clinton literally sat at Alinsky’s feet, taking it all in, and then applying it, to the letter.   Only Biden and Obama exceed her toxicity. She is the queen of the politics of personal destruction. She originated the War Room.
  • Notice when a Republican addresses HRC’s record and policy positions, the substance is usually focused on the factual record: her performance as First Lady, as U.S. Senator, as Sec. of State. Even though there is plenty of material warranting attacks of a more personal nature, Republicans (for the most part) refrain.   On the other hand, Hillary (along with Biden, Obama and many others), strikes for the jugular. Again, the double standard.
  • Generally speaking Republicans are still trying to work in government based on the assumption they are dealing with fellow Americans across the aisle, a fatal mistake. Democrats are working in government based on the presupposition they are at war with Republicans.

Finally, a few of Hillary’s ‘new lows’ as examples will serve to reveal her gross hypocrisy in accusing Republicans.

  • In August she compared Republicans to terrorists for disagreeing with her concerning Planned Parenthood, abortion, and healthcare.
  • Not long ago she implied Trump was responsible for the shootings in South Carolina due to his remarks about illegal immigration.
  • Recently she said Republican opposition to gun control shows Republicans don’t care about American families.
  • She claims legitimate Benghazi investigations are designed by Republicans to derail her campaign.
  • She insists the email and Foundation scandals are manufactured by Republicans to destroy her, as if the FBI is investigating as an arm of the GOP.
  • And to amaze even further, she completely ignores her long record of lies and scandal and illegality, as if the voting public will ignore these outrages as well.
  • She actually believes she will be able to talk her way out of it this time, which means she is likely more delusional than insidious at this stage.

But take heed: the knives are still being sharpened, and Republicans are not the only targets.

According to Herman Cain:“An opposition research firm hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been sifting through the record of Vice President Joe Biden to find attack lines in case he decides to take on the Democratic front-runner. The firm, Correct the Record, has been working for at least a month, New York magazine reports. The pro-Clinton super PAC was founded by longtime ally David Brock and is working with the former secretary of state’s campaign.”

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No wonder Joe is slow to announce. He must be asking himself how low he is willing to go!

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