Hillary and Huma’s Third Strike

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The Associated Press, several years ago, sought to obtain Hillary Clinton’s calendar and schedule in her capacity as Secretary of State. Subsequent delays in obtaining the information forced them to file a lawsuit to obtain the relevant information. Now, we know why the Obama administration refused to cooperate with the request and further, we understand why Hillary Clinton scrubbed her private server of tens of thousands of emails. It all has to do with her selling access, favors and influence by way of the Clinton foundation while she served as Secretary of State.

What the Associated Press discovered is that more than half of the people who obtained personal attention and private contact with Hillary happened to be donors to the Clinton Foundation. Specifically, 85 appointments were granted to donors who gave over $150 million to the foundation! However, that is only half the story!

The Associated Press chose not to include in their calculations the money that was donated by foreign governments ostensibly because Clinton would have met with these representatives anyway in the course of her normal duties. However, the fact that the 16 foreign governments who obtained appointments donated on average $10 million each to the foundation screams out that this was anything but business as ususal. I interviewed a retired CIA senior official who explained exactly how this system worked.

What Bill and Hillary Clinton did to secure their political legacy and to create a steady stream of income once Bill left the White House was to be accomplished by way of the Clinton Foundation selling access and influence via our federal government. Once Hillary was named Secretary of State the operation went into overdrive as discovered by Judicial Watch.

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A company named Teneo Holdings was formed by one of Bill Clinton’s closest associates. Teneo is a worldwide company that “collaborates to solve crucial reputational, transformational and capital markets issues.” They hire people who know people from throughout the world who need favors. With Bill Clinton serving as the honorary Chairman of Teneo (a paid position) the group arranged beneficial contacts via Huma Abedin who simultaneously worked for Teneo, the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clinton in her capacity as Secretary of State!

The purposely scrubbed emails, which Hillary claimed were personal, boring and mundane were anything but. The emails, once they were discovered, prove the links between Hillary, Huma, the Clinton Foundation and the numerous individuals and foreign governments who donated tens of millions in order to get access via this global pay to play scheme. The list of donors with “reputational issues” included dictators and war lords, as well as, crony capitalists from both here and abroad.

The disclosures from the AP investigation and lawsuit, coupled with the research by Peter Schweizer in his book and documentary film “Clinton Cash”, along with the evidence gained by Judicial Watch equals strike three for the Clintons. They, along with Huma Abedin need to be investigated and prosecuted for corruption, influence peddling and perhaps even treason.

First published at the Santa Barbara News-Press

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