Hillary Clinton Unofficially Running Again

At the beginning of this year, over 200 Democrats had expressed interest in running for the White House in 2020.

So far, just over 20 of those Democrats have officially launched their presidential campaigns.

One of the latest Democrats to formerly enter the race was former Vice President Joe Biden who now leads all other Democrats by about 30 points.

Biden has run twice before and failed to ever garner the DNC nomination.

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Hillary Clinton has also run twice before, garnering the DNC nomination in 2016.

Although she has not officially declared her candidacy, Hillary has shown in New Hampshire, causing many to believe that she is unofficially running.

Flag & Cross – Hillary Hits New Hampshire, Prompting Talk of 2020 Run – It would be foolish for anyone to jump into the 2020 race at this late stage, but Hillary Clinton may just be the right fool for the job.

With over twenty democrats currently wading through the political muck of the 2020 election cycle, it would stand to reckon that we’ve seen just about all we’re going to see on that side of the political arena.

And with Joe Biden now leading everyone else by 30-some points, it would be foolish to try to jump headfirst into campaigning at this late stage.

Now…where can we find just such a fool?

Is Hillary Clinton running a non-campaign campaign for president? …

Don’t forget that in the two and half years since losing to Donald Trump, Hillary continues to blame everyone and everything for her loss.

The only person she hasn’t blamed in herself, because in her eyes she can do no wrong.

She has never admitted doing anything wrong with how she handled the Benghazi attack.

She has never admitted doing anything wrong involving her email scandal.

She has never admitted doing anything wrong with the pay-to-play system she had while Secretary of State.

In Hillary’s own mind, she can walk on water, so why not run a third time.



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