Hillary Clinton Supports Mutilating and Abusing Children

Hillary Clinton is making her last push to grab the White House. And as she does, it is important to remember that she and the Democratic Party openly endorse mutilating and abusing children.

Democrats have endorsed putting men into women’s bathrooms, and boys into girls’ bathrooms. And they want to criminalize any opposition to it. On top of this, they have legalized mutilating the bodies of boys and girls into parodies of the opposite sex under their phony “transgender” ideology.

This is straight up mutilation and abuse of children. And Hillary Clinton is on board with it.

This is sick. This is evil.

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Yet this is unsurprising.

After all, the Democrats praised Gerry Studds after he had sex with a boy. They even kept electing him to Congress. Organizations like the Huffington Post have written glowing praises of him.

The Democratic Party also celebrates The Vagina Monologues, a play that originally included a scene about the “good rape” of a girl by a woman.

Earlier this year, Obama and his Navy secretary named a ship after a sodomite rapist and advocate for a mass-murdering cult leader.

Democratic Party operatives have led the war against Roy Moore because of his firm opposition to Big Sodomy and its perversity.

And, of course, Hillary Clinton laughed about defending a man who raped a girl.

The Democratic Party has long been the Party of Evil. And it has become so debased that it now supports mutilating and abusing children.

And Hillary Clinton is its leader.

Remember this come Election Day. In fact, be sure to tell everyone you know about this so they remember it on Election Day too.

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