Hillary – A Champion for Women?

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The DNC Lovefest! I’ve seen all kinds of posts about how peaceful the Democrat National Convention (DNC) was and how everyone was in unity at the event. They must have been wearing Sony’s new virtual reality headgear if that’s what they saw!

Bill Clinton’s speech was about how much he loved and admired his wife, what a great person she is, how she loves everyone, and what she is willing to do for everyone (well, as long as your name is Hillary!).

Remember now, Bill Clinton was impeached. They couldn’t get the votes to carry it through, but in the testimony, he lied. He lied so much and so often that he was disbarred and could no longer practice law in Arkansas or in front of the Supreme Court. Maybe that’s why he went into speech-making!

SO… we should trust him NOW?

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Mr. and Mrs. Clinton have lived the height of hypocrisy. Over 20 women have come forward (many more are afraid to) to speak of the sexual escapades and, in some instances, out and out rape committed by Bill Clinton. Yes, THAT Bill Clinton. The ones the Dems see as a god! Even if SOME of the allegations are fake, the fact still remains that he had no problem cheating on the woman he said he loves and cares about.

Many books have been written about them by people close to them. Some Secret Service agents often speak to the fact that she is constantly yelling at him for his “sexual transgressions” with fights even ending in physical violence against him by the lovely Mrs. Clinton (though who can blame her for that?)

As I stated above, she really only cares about herself. The yelling was not about “why did you cheat on me,” but about “why can’t you keep these things discreet.” Mrs. Clinton went on to browbeat and demolish anyone that would come between the Clintons and their aspirations for higher office and for building their personal wealth.

Think about this. The Dems, the media, and the Clintons made a big deal out of a few allegations of transgressions by two powerful black men, Justice Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain. They tried to destroy them. I guess you have to have more than 5 transgressions before they’ll leave you alone!

Why are Democrats basically silent on Bill’s acts against women and on Hillary’s actions to silence ALL those women?

I am friends with and know many Dems. They are perplexed as well but have told me that from what they have read (the media hard at work) most of the allegations against Bill from those women were false. REALLY? I’d say they need to read more lots more.

The allegations were NOT false. The majority of them were real. There were cases from Arkansas State troopers who also gave testimony that they went out and picked women up for Bill. But that must all be lies, right?

The Clintons are a business, not a couple, not a family, but a business. Their only goal is to make money, as much money as possible, and to gain as high an office as they can.

I have never seen a couple blatantly lie so much and get away with so much in politics as this couple has and still does! Those who support them support, a rapist, a thief, a traitor, an accessory to murder, an accessory to rape, and more!

The Dems had so many other good people who didn’t run because they were afraid or knew what the outcome would be. Why waste the money or energy?

I am also perplexed by the inconsistency from within the Democrat Party when it comes to Hillary.

2008 Mr. Obama: “She will say anything and change nothing. Hillary can’t be trusted and isn’t qualified to be President.” WOW! That’s a direct contradiction to what he said at the DNC. Maybe he evolved!

2008 Mrs. Obama: “Hillary Clinton can’t manage her own home. How can she manage The White House?” Looks like she has also evolved, as was evidenced at the DNC.

2016 Bernie Sanders said at a rally in June: “Hillary is a corrupt, lying, Wall Street loving, status quo, war mongering, Goldman Sachs crony, and is not qualified to be president.”

Just one month later Bernie says, “I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States.” Does that mean he is OK with her being a “corrupt, lying Wall Street loving, status quo, war mongering, Goldman Sachs crony who’s not qualified to be president” or that he just got his medication straightened out?

The first black president was a Dem and will go down in history as worse than Jimmy Carter. If Mrs. Clinton makes it in, she will continue the failed programs that Mr. Obama started. Her husband will continue to get away with abusing women and he might even have more time to travel to that island of sexual pleasure filled with young kids!

Nothing but scandal and lawlessness follow them. And they aren’t all Right-wing conspiracies. We know plenty about the mother in the family aka Hillary. But what about the dad AKA Bill?

Below you will find a partial list of Bill’s transgressions with links to the original story. Can they all be false? If Hillary knew about them and attacked these women, is she REALLY a champion for women’s rights? Is she really fit to be President?

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Joe Messina
Joe Messina is host of The Real Side talk radio program and editor-in-chief of TheRealSide.com, where this article was first published.

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