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It’s fair to say that former First Lady and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is seriously considering a run for the presidency in 2016.  Not because of trips to Iowa or New Hampshire, but rather, because of her recent trip to the United Methodist Women’s Assembly in Louisville, KY.

Leading liberals make this a routine – they spend a career making a mockery of Biblical values, spend a majority of their time telling everyone how faith and public service must be kept completely isolated and separated, only to then turn around when they need or want votes and start talking Bible.

The Christian Post reported that Hillary talked about her faith and her, “dedication to the social gospel.”  

Hillary may not have originated the phrase, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.  There is no Biblical “social gospel.”  There is one gospel message.  Not more than that.  There’s no foreign policy gospel, economic gospel, social gospel, political gospel, entertainment gospel, aesthetic gospel…there’s one gospel – the good news of Christ crucified, buried and resurrected.

Our purpose as human beings then is not to develop new convenient versions of that good news that we warp, contort and manipulate into something that helps us advance ourselves or our personal agenda. Hillary apparently didn’t get that message.

Instead she hammered away at the miracle of Jesus recorded in Mark 6 where Christ fed the 5,000 with nothing but five loaves of bread and two fish.  When Jesus’ disciples – looking at the reality of the situation – suggested to Jesus that the hungry masses go to a nearby town to eat, He performed a miracle and multiplied the loves and fish to feed them all.

To someone who isn’t reading the Bible to use as a political weapon, the meaning of this event is pretty obvious.  Jesus is teaching a radical new way of living to a number of these people.  He is making audacious claims about being the Son of God, and is purporting to have the power to forgive the sins of men.  In order to prove He wielded that kind of authority – to prove that He was who He said He was – Jesus performs these kinds of miracles.  It’s as though Jesus is saying to those there, “Why should you listen to me and trust me?  Notice how full you are and realize where that food came from…that’s why.”

But to an aspiring U.S. Presidential candidate for whom the Word of God becomes a tool for self-advancement, that story takes on all new meaning.  Saint Hillary explained it to us this way: “[Jesus] was teaching a lesson about the responsibility we all share to step up and serve the community, especially to help those with the greatest need and fewest resources.”  

And like any good Saul Alinskyite progressive liberal knows, you have to find a villain in the story.  And for Hillary, that distinction belongs to the disciples.  “Like the disciples of Jesus, we cannot look away, we cannot let those in need fend for themselves and live with ourselves.”  Uh, Hill, the disciples weren’t looking away.  They were coming up with the most reasonable and plausible response to human hunger.  People needed food.  They didn’t have any.  The nearby town did.  So they said to Jesus, “Hey there’s a town, let’s send them there.”  Jesus meanwhile saw an opportunity to prove His authority and glorify His Father in heaven.  So He performed a miracle – not chastising his disciples’ attempted resourcefulness, not encouraging a socialist state that hands out free fish and bread to the unemployed.

So unless Hillary is suggesting that she has the power to feed thousands from two fish and five loaves, she might want to find another part of Scripture to mutilate.  It’s remarkable how often those politicians who want to quote Jesus display such little regard for His message.

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Pete Heck lives in Kokomo, Indiana with his wife Jenny, and their three young children. An award-winning public high school teacher, Pete has also authored three books on Christians in our culture. He also hosts a radio program, The Pete Heck Radio Show, and has been heard on over 200 radio stations around the country.

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