The High Cost of Empire: Obama’s Outrageous Travel Expenses

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President Obama and the dumb-o-crats are always worried about the little people. Income inequality is holding them back, they say as they feign worry about the lower castes of American society.

They’re hypocrites. They only care about living the high life on various junkets around the world.

Case in point: Obama’s recent stay in Belgium.

The dear leader was in Europe for a NATO and EU meeting. He stayed in Brussels for one day at a luxury hotel in the heart of the city. Stupidly named “The Hotel,” it’s not cheap. For the president’s single night stay, plus two weeks for his advance team, the cost was a modest $1.5 million. This, according to the Weekly Standard.

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London’s Daily Mail helpfully adds additional details about this expensive trip. “MailOnline has found two additional requisitions, covering more than $396,000 at a Crowne Plaza hotel and $1.05 million in expenses for ‘vehicle rentals’,” the paper reported.

This is just the latest example of the high cost to American taxpayers of having the Obama regime in office. While we don’t yet know how much it cost to send Empress Michelle to China — that’s “still a state secret” reports Tom Fitton for Breitbart — we do know how much it cost to send the royal family to Africa for a grand tour in 2013.

Fitton notes that, according to flight expense records, just the flying alone to, from, and within Africa cost taxpayers over $8 million. This being a drop in the bucket if the Washington Post is right. Before the Emperor embarked, the Post noted that “the price tag for the trip clocks in between $60 million to $100 million” for the trip as a whole.

Here’s a question: Isn’t the President a big fan of tech? If so, and he wants to talk to people in far away lands, why can’t he make a video call with Skype or FaceTime? Now that would be shovel-ready tax relief.

Ultimately, this puts the lie to the socialist rhetoric coming out of this administration. They aren’t in the least interested in the economic plight of the average citizen. If they were, they would work to make sure more money stays in the hands of those who worked for it.

Instead, the middle class in this country is expected to pay ever higher costs and taxes imposed by government either directly or indirectly. Indirect taxation via government mandates makes everything more expensive, from cars to coconuts. The obvious example is Obamacare, the “success” that is going to hit middle Americans hard.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Bernie Marcus, the former chairman and CEO of Home Depot, warned that the health insurance tax would bleed as much as $8 billion this year alone from taxpayers in revenue for the government “and as much as $14.3 billion by 2018….”

Companies paying this, Marcus noted, are just going to pass those costs along to consumers and employees. He concludes: “Since most large companies self-insure, they aren’t affected by the new tax. But smaller- and medium-size businesses don’t have that luxury and will bear the brunt of the tax. Many will be forced to raise their employees’ share of premium payments or, worse, lay off workers to pay the escalating costs of health care for their core employees.”

The cost of government is out of control at all levels, but especially at the federal level. Workers and producers in America are bearing the brunt of the cost and it’s getting worse.

If the President really cared about income inequality and restoring prosperity for Americans, he would lead by example and his own behavior would be much more modest.

Instead, he is showing himself to be entitlement minded, as in he feels entitled to live the life of a gold-encrusted Roman Basileus sucking the lifeblood out of the plebs while the empire crumbles around him.

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