Hello Democrats! I Have More ‘Lady Parts’ Than You Think

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By Vanessa Penick

A few years ago, Sandra Fluke urged women in America to vote with our lady parts. At the 2012 Democrat Convention, actress Kerry Washington made it sound as if Republicans were elected, the Civil Rights Act would be repealed (even though a Republican-controlled Congress passed it), women’s suffrage would be repealed (even though Republican- controlled state legislatures passed it), and slavery would be re-enacted (even though the Republican Party was FOUNDED to abolish slavery.) Ms. Washington, too, encouraged women to vote with our lady parts.

Well, the Democrat Party must not think that women have any other lady parts besides the obvious ones. So here’s a list of my other various lady parts and what those parts care about.

My brain.  Surprise! I have one! My brain is concerned about the way the Democrat Party treats women, because Democrats act like we DON’T have brains. Telling us that we have to let them vote for a massive healthcare bill – before knowing what is in it – is a tremendous insult to intelligence, not just to females but to everyone. Obamacare isn’t like an impulse purchase at the grocery store. It’s not a new candy bar that we haven’t tried, doesn’t cost much, or that we can get rid of easily if we don’t like. It affects one-sixth of our economy, not to mention people’s lives.

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Turning over our healthcare system to the government does one other thing: it makes us less free.  However, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden have told us that having Obamacare – and having our hours at work cut – will free us up to “pursue our interests and dreams.” That is the DUMBEST, most intelligence-insulting thing I have EVER heard! Why? Because if my hours get cut at work, my bills at home DON’T. I have to find another job to make up for the hours I lost. This means I have to coordinate my hours between my TWO jobs, run between the two jobs, learn the procedures and policies of two jobs, plus manage my family, keep a house clean and sleep. WHEN DO I HAVE TIME TO PURSUE MY DREAMS?  How about you just freaking repeal Obamacare, enact SMART policies like tort reform and pre-existing conditions reform, and let American women – AND men – think about their family’s own health care insurance? My brain is plenty worried with how ridiculous and stupid this Administration seems to think women specifically and Americans in general are and Obamacare is a perfect example of this.

My eyes.  My eyes are watching as America’s freedoms are being eroded. If I want to fly, I must be groped like I’m a whore in a brothel. Yet the Muslim woman in front of me can be in full Muslim garb and no one will touch her because of her religious beliefs. So to me, the boarding procedures for women are a violation of the First and Fourth Amendments. I’m subjected to a search based on nothing more than I bought a ticket – although if the TSA were allowed to profile me, they’d see I’m not a terrorist threat but that I am a threat to terrorists. The fact that a Muslim woman is not subjected to the same search I am because of her religious beliefs, despite the fact that my religious beliefs say I can’t be groped either, is a violation of the First Amendment because it is preferential treatment of a religion.  I’m also watching as my fellow Americans are being nailed by the NSA and the IRS for speaking out against the Obama Administration. In what can be described as nothing less than a fiat, I see our President signing anything he wants into law because Congress won’t pass the bills he wants. That is a CLEAR violation of our Constitution’s separation of powers. My eyes are plenty concerned with the freedoms our country has been losing.

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