‘Hating Jesus’ and Leftists as Our Unregenerate Enemies

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One of the critical flaws many American Christians have is believing that if we are nice enough to leftists we will win them over. If we grovel just one more time before them they will stop hating us. If we surrender one more core belief to them we can have peace. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are unregenerate and will always hate us. Matt Barber’s new book, Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity, identifies this truth.

Leftists have made it clear they fundamentally hate Christians. They now are advancing a narrative that Christians are a threat to the world. This has shocked naïve Christians. And if you are one of these naïve Christians, shame on you. You should know better by now.


Leftists are advancing their anti-Christian narrative in a variety of ways, with Zack Ford at Think Progress providing one example.

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Moore isn’t wrong; the LGBT community is scared. But as terrified as we might be from the destruction wrought on our brothers and sisters in Orlando, we’re still just as terrified of Moore and those who follow the anti-LGBT beliefs espoused by the SBC and plenty of other Christian denominations.

I’ve met Dr. Moore before. He’s an articulate leader, and he’s welcomed me hospitably to his organization’s events. Knowing full well that this gay progressive atheist disagrees with just about everything he believes and promotes, he greets me by name, shaking my hand, and offering to make sure I feel comfortable at the event.

But the truth is, I never actually feel comfortable at an ERLC event. How can I in a space where I am surrounded by people who doubt the legitimacy of my identity and who openly promote the notion that I should be treated as a second-class citizen?

Leftists hate our guts. Even when a Christian extends a hand to them and shows them love, they use it as an opportunity to gather “dirt” on us and undermine us—to convince the world that we are the vilest of viruses.

They are committed religious fanatics; autotheists who believe themselves gods who can rewrite right and wrong. And no one will ever change them. They are devoted to evil and to wiping us out.

Matt notes this zealous hatred in Hating Jesus. In fact, one of the bluntest examples we cite in the book (I coauthored it with him) comes courtesy of Zack Ford (p. 28 of the paperback version).

Shortly after the DNC released its secularist platform in 2012, I tweeted, “Well, Democrats are officially ‘godless’…” Zack Ford, a progressive blogger with ThinkProgress.org, captured, I think, the general consensus among Democratic movers-and-shakers. He tartly replied, “Good!”

It’s inexcusable that American Christians continue treating leftist hatred of us as unexpected news. Enough of this ignorance. Do the right thing and acknowledge reality.

God tells us to pray for our enemies and witness to them. But He also tells us to wipe the dust of their towns from our feet when they have hardened their hearts.

Leftists are waging a War on Christianity. They are our enemies now and forevermore. The only thing left to do is fight and defeat them.

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