Gun-Free Zones Do Not Reduce Crime

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Gun-free zones do not reduce crimes, they allow criminals to be armed while taking weapons and self-defense from law-abiding citizens. President Obama wants to politicize these issues because he doesn’t respect the Second Amendment.

Mat Staver: Matt, we have as part of our Patriots’ Handbook Series, which is a pocket-sized series of books, a particular book…regarding the Second Amendment. In this document we have a congressional study that was done some years ago, about the history of the Second Amendment, well before the Second Amendment was ever passed.

And it categorizes and catalogues through history how different governments have attempted to disarm their people and take away their liberty and become a very tyrannous government that forces itself upon the people. And it was from that background and  from that experience that when the founders came here to the United States, and when they fought The Revolution and they were forming the new government that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution in the Bill of Rights was so critically important to them. That an armed citizenry was important to the defense of liberty.

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Matt Barber: Yea…and in the wake of this tragic shooting in Oregon, where an anti-Christian bigot specifically targeted Christians and summarily executed them, nine of them, President Obama is politicizing it. He’s acknowledging he’s politicizing it. He says am I politicizing this? Yes. I’m going to politicize this. 

And so he says that he’s going to impose common sense executive action. Well there’s no common sense involved here and a Harvard study has resurfaced with the finding, the basic finding being that it’s not common sense to say that gun-free zones stop killing. In fact, many of these mass murderers, in interviews after the fact, they’re saying no, we’re specifically targeting gun-free zones!


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