Audio: Calls for Impeachment Mount Amid Unprecedented Lawlessness

Barb Wire

The president doesn’t get to just unilaterally “deem” laws into effect. He’s the chief executive, not the chief lawmaker. Neither should he be the chief lawbreaker.

Yet here we are and so he is.

More than any other president in American history (yes, Nixon included), Barack Hussein Obama has done both – make the “law” and break the law. Just consider, for instance, his unprecedented, arbitrary, capricious and completely illegal “do-whatever-I-want-to-do” shredding of his signature dark comedy: Obamacare.

Get used to it. During his recent SOTU address Obama announced his intention to keep at it. In fact, he plans to ramp-up the lawlessness.

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And why shouldn’t he? A gutless GOP establishment has let him get away with it at every turn.

Well, the momentum may be shifting. Listen in as Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver discusses growing calls for President Obama’s impeachment with Matt Barber, editor-in-chief of BarbWire. (10 minutes from Liberty Counsel’s Faith & Freedom radio.)

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