Growing in Grace: Before Pastor Prince, There Was Pastor Bob (Belated Obituary)

This is a belated obituary, and for many who read this, they may find this report somewhat mundane, parochial, even irrelevant. I hope that after reading my private, personal thoughts on this one man—Bob George; and his ministries—People to People Ministries—you will discover more about the Gospel, that God our Father had adopted us as loving children, that Jesus accomplished so much more than we can know at the Cross.

First, some background.

It was 2010. The wonderful Tea Party Wave had swept out liberals across the country. It sparked the first of a growing American resistant to Washington’s anti-Christ abuses.

I was still struggling with many issues.

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For me, there weren’t many victories. I had lost a career, struggled with housing and employment, got back on my feet again, but still struggled, still wondered what I was doing on this earth. What was it all for? I was alone, lost, bitter. Like Solomon, I did not know how to come in or out. I was unfulfilled as a teacher working in a suburb of Los Angeles County, and yet I knew of no other career that I could take on which would adequately pay the bills. It was a tough time. I was not talking to my parents, and I had not rekindled any connections with extended family.

Before all of this, I had celebrated material blessings. A great career, great salary, benefits. Everything in my life was taken care of. Yet even then, I was lonely, empty. I knew about God, I believed in Jesus, and yet my life was just so dry, so dead on the inside. After struggling to back onto a stable footing, the pain of living had gone from bad to worse. It was the last week of December, 2010. I hit rock bottom spiritually. I was so angry, trying so hard to live the Christian life. The pain was immense, the hurt, the bitterness, the sense of frustrated outrage untamable.

All at once that last evening of the year, I just cried out to God: “HELP!”

Immediately, the pain disappeared. I didn’t understand what I had done, or what had happened to take the pain away. That began my journey into God’s grace, to understand everything about Jesus, and what He has done—and is doing—for me.

The next week, I began watching Pastor Joseph Prince of Singapore. His program at the time, “Destined to Reign” opened up my eyes to the Bible in ways that I had never seen, never understood. His focus on God’s Grace and Jesus’ Perfect Work just magnified God’s Word. I stopped reading the Bible as a chore. I started reading God’s Word for answers.

His preaching about the abundance of grace, the gift of righteousness, and the lavish, never-ending love of Christ Jesus just overwhelmed me. I was hearing verses, reading Scriptures, taking in parts of God’s Word which had always been in the Bible, but which I had never known about or understood. In the past, I saw my Bible reading time as just a mere exercise. “A chapter a day keeps the Devil away” was the motto. Of course, I was reading the Bible as some kind of guide, manual for living. Today, I realize that the Bible is about Life, about Jesus, and His Words are spirit and life. So much began to change, to shape in me.

It wasn’t until June 2012, though, that I began to wonder if Pastor Joseph Prince’s gracious words were really for real. Pastor Prince shared that he had struggled with similar self-doubts about the Gospel of Grace. Then he found Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ wonderful exhortation in a book while perusing books at a local Christian bookstore. “If your preaching of the gospel of God’s free grace in Jesus Christ does not provoke the charge from some of antinomianism,” Dr. Jones wrote, “You’re not preaching the gospel of the free grace of God in Jesus Christ.” Pastor Prince has been levelled heavily with that charge—and still is. He is doing a great job!

Just as Pastor Prince found comfort while casual looking over books and finding this statement in one godly tome in a Christian bookstore, so too I found comfort to trust what Pastor Prince was preaching when I found another book in a local, used bookstore:

Classic Christian: Life’s Too Short to Miss the Real Thing

The author? Robert Franklyn George, or Pastor Bob.

Now I can share more fully why this man and his ministry means so much to me, and why his passing should not have passed us by with such little response.

Bob George described in detail all the new revelations that I was hearing from Pastors Joseph Prince, Andrew Wommack, and even Kenneth Hagin (“You Will Have What You Say!”).

Pastor Bob wrote extensively about how Jesus did not just die for our sins, but that He gave us His life.

He explained in great detail the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.

He elaborated olne one of the most nettlesome conflicts for Christians: They know that Jesus Christ died for us, but they don’t realize that Christ Jesus lives with us. Bob George opened my eyes and gave me such peace and joy. I had so often believed that I was going to heaven, but for some reason living from day to day was hell on earth. There was no peace, there was nothing but fear and worry. Pastor Bob’s book grounded me in all the wonderful truths which Pastor Prince had been preaching. Hallelujah! I loved what he wrote so much, that I also purchased his companion book Growing in Grace: When Giving It All You Got Isn’t Enough.

Then I found his current ministry, “People to People Ministries”, and reached out to the website administrator. They informed me that Pastor Bob had suffered a stroke and had withdrawn from active ministry. Only last week, sadly, did I learn that he had passed away … last year. June 1, 2018, Pastor Bob George went to be with the Lord. It was a well-deserved homecoming for him. I am just so sad that he has left us, and hardly anyone bothered to say good-bye.

If it weren’t for Bob George, for God’s providential guidance for me to find his wonderful teachings, I think I would still be struggling.  With Pastor Bob’s help, I understand more of God’s grace, which I had received hesitantly from Pastor Joseph Prince and his exposition on the Gospel, the Finished Work, and the Centrality of Christ, not ourselves.

At the beginning of this article, I wrote about my emptiness, the burdens, the hurts, the incessant pain of just trying to get by. Pastor Bob’s writings revealed to me why this was happening—and why this happens to many Christians.

I will let one passage in his book explain this revelation:

“The Galatian error has been the greatest thorn in the flesh of the church since the very beginning. In many places and times, it has been bold and straightforward. “You aren’t saved by faith alone.” The one that is more difficult and much common … is committed by groups that would swear up and down that a person is saved by God’s grace through faith alone, that you can’t do one thing to contribute to your salvation. The only problem is that their use of the word “salvation” is limited to [the] initial acceptance of Christ … Here and now, though, they teach you that God accepts you on the basis of your performance of certain rules and regulations.” (pg 126, Classic Christianity, 1989)

That passage resolved everything!

How well it described my struggles in 2010! I knew I was saved, but I didn’t that Jesus wanted to keep saving me. He is a God to me in every circumstance (Hebrews 8:12)! I was never alone in this life!

When I look back on those hard times I had endured, where I had everything but felt like I had nothing; where I knew that I was going to heaven, but every day felt like I was in a living hell; when I believed that God would never leave me nor forsake yet, but still felt that I was on my own; when I believed that God loved me unconditionally, and yet I still struggled with meeting so many conditions; in short, I was overcome with mixture, trying to please God in my efforts, even though He is pleased with me already because of His Son Jesus (Ephesians 1:6). Pastor Prince revealed so much about the fullness of God’s Word. But to find Pastor Bob George’s book, Classic Christianity, that was the answer to a fervent prayer: I could rest assured that I was hearing the Gospel truth.

I have read and reread that book so many times, that every page is covered in notes and underlines, the cover has fallen off, and the edges have become so worn. Pastor Bob careful explained the differences between the Old and New Covenants. He showed how Jesus is our life. He explained the true meaning of rest, in which we allow God’s life in us to flow and guide us. He even clarified a number of obscure passages in the Bible.

Now, I see Jesus more and more in His Word, just as He taught Cleopas on the road to Emmaus (cf. Luke 24). The more I see Him, He transforms me from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18). Life is no longer a chore, a daily drudgery of “just getting by”. Jesus promised and fulfills this promise for me! “I have come that you might have life, and that more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

Pastor Bob changed my life, because he showed me not what life is about, but who: Jesus, the Savior who loves me intimately, whose Finished Work raised me from the dead, gave me His righteousness, and placed me within Himself to receive His standing:

“Herein is love perfected among us, that we may have boldness in the day of judgement; because as He is, so are we in this world.” (1 John 4:17)

And yet, for all that Pastor Bob accomplished, aside from one “Dignity Obituary”  on a website, there has been nothing written about this great man’s life, writings, or his radio ministry. That is wrong, and I am writing (righting!) this to correct this oversight in Christendom. The Body of Christ lost a great preacher, teacher, evangelist, prophet, and apostle when Pastor Bob George passed away. At the very least, I wanted to commemorate his service to God our Father, his exposition of the unsearchable riches of Christ, and his revelation of the role and authority of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Bob’s seminal work on real, Biblical Christianity remains a must-read, along with Growing in Grace: When Giving it All You’ve Got Still Isn’t Enough. Everything you wanted to know, and needed to understand, about Christ Jesus and His Finished Work (but were afraid to ask!), Pastor Bob goes over in direct, simple, unyielding detail, relying heavily on the Bible, and he even provides wise yet simple tips for understand God’s Word.

Classic Christianity is such a moving primer for those who have just become believers, or for those who still don’t know the wonders and riches of God’s grace and love. Surprisingly enough, one celebrity did mention his profound influence.  Christina Grimmie, a breakout talent discovered on NBC’s The Voice four years ago, mentioned his book as one of the top books on her reading list. Growing in Grace is excellent, too!

I can’t underscore enough how much Pastor Bob George influenced me and revealed to me the wonderful riches of God’s goodness in His Son Jesus. If this belated obituary can make any difference, and ensure that more people understand the extent to how we have been blessed with all blessings in Christ Jesus, I will be satisfied.

Rest In Peace, Pastor Bob. God bless you.

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