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As discerning Americans process the horror of watching PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel proudly proclaim his homosexual preferences at the GOP convention podium, it’s time to decide what is welcomed into this party, and what is not.

Will the excellent pro-family GOP platform be ignored by Trump as president?

No party of conservatives should affirm destructive and child-endangering behavior, no matter how prominent the executive who practices it. The truth is, God will turn His back on us if we go down this road.

The Democrats almost tossed God out of their platform in 2012, don’t forget. Shameless moral corruption is now commonly espoused by its leaders.

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But the narrative of “welcome” is twisted by radicals everywhere we turn, even at our church doorsteps.

I recently passed an Episcopal church displaying one of those trendy banners proclaiming, “All are welcome.” This particular sign was adorned with rainbow colors and an emphatic subheading: “No Exceptions!” Really?

This is, of course, in contrast to the vast numbers of Christian churches regularly slamming church doors in seekers’ faces. “You want to attend our church? How dare you even think such a thing! Jesus didn’t die for you!”

And it’s clear the audience to whom this sign is directed: proudly sinning homosexuals, bisexuals and gender rebels, who have every intention to keep on sinning and want a church where their conduct is never challenged or they feel “unwelcome.”

Their preferences prevail over any message revealed by God.

“Welcomehood” is the substance of a new lawsuit in Iowa, only this time, several Christian churches are going on offense against a gag order policy of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.

As places of public accommodation open to anyone, apparently churches are to receive no exemption in Iowa on messages about “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.” In other words, they are prohibited from preaching about Jesus’ sexual standards.

So Jesus wouldn’t be welcome in these churches either, because as Creator of males and females, He definitely stood against transgenderism and homosexual behavior. And for those who claim Jesus never addressed this, please review my analysis here.

But back to the Episcopalians and their inaccurate understanding of the word “all.” Are some people born homosexual? No. Are any humans born in the wrong sex body? No. Former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins, Paul McHugh, M.D., explained why there is no “gay gene” in an important interview with a conservative Anglican website.

This changeable, debatable behavior is tearing many denominations apart. An openly lesbian pastor from San Francisco was just elected as a bishop in the United Methodist Church, even though UMC still technically prohibits this behavior.

Many left-leaning congregations cling obstinately to their muddled thinking. Regarding those involved in homosexual or gender-bending behavior, it’s not who people supposedly “are,” but what they do – and can choose to not do.

And when sinful behavior is embraced despite clear biblical prohibitions, then the faith exhibited is not in the God of Scripture, but the god of one’s own flesh.

The Episcopal Church USA denomination faces possible permanent separation from the Anglican Communion over its proud embrace of sexual sin. But a much more daunting separation looms.

Eternal separation from God is a very big deal, in case anyone in the ECUSA still cares.

I have a personal interest, since I was confirmed at age 13 in the Episcopal Church. But though I attended almost every Sunday for six more years, it took another two decades and the influence of non-Episcopalians to actually introduce me to the real Jesus Christ, the One revealed in Scripture.

He’s the One apparently not welcome at some of these rainbow-draped, “welcoming” churches.

The ECUSA’s catty signage forms the core of a self-righteous narrative that accuses much of Christendom of “exclusion.” But they, along with other liberal mainline Protestant allies, are the real excluders.

They have not accepted God for Who He is.

And please, give us all a break. Only some are welcome in these Episcopal churches.

Would these churches, for instance, open their doors wide for those wearing “Marriage: One Man, One Woman” T-shirts? Wouldn’t we get gasps of horror from the nine graying hippies who regularly populate an Episcopal Sunday service?

Or what about a T-shirt with graphic abortion images – you know, the ones my friends at Created Equal just displayed at the RNC in Cleveland? Some feel they are inappropriate, but such realism regularly pricks the consciences of pregnant women outside abortion clinics who change their minds about ending the lives of their unborn babies.

But such images would not be “welcomed” in most Episcopal churches, I would guess, even though tears of repentance at the altars of God are desperately needed.

And what about my “All Lives Matter” lapel button, challenging the anti-law-enforcement, racist anarchists of “Black Lives Matter”?

But I thought “all” were welcome? Or do pro-life, Bible-affirming Christians have to sit in the back of the church? Or share bathroom privacy with transvestites?

That, too, is the core issue of the Iowa lawsuit, where a powerful government commission of unelected officials now presumes to determine the content of the Gospel. Their edict may impact gender specific restroom use in church facilities.

Pastors can thank the Fort Des Moines Church of Christ and Cornerstone World Outreach, and the legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom, for their brave stand in Iowa defending both the Gospel and the Constitution.

Jesus does welcome all of us in His churches. But celebration of sin is not welcomed, and any church that does this is not a church of the Lord Jesus. Or else, why was He crucified? For us to continue to sin and deny its offense before our holy God?

Hardly. All people should be welcomed into the Lord’s churches, in the hopes of reaching those who have hearts open to hear Him, who are seeking to do His will.

Now, will someone talk to Donald Trump about welcoming proud homosexuals into the Republican Party?

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