Gov. Deval Patrick Worried About ‘Inevitability’ Of Hillary Run: ‘Off-Putting To The Average Voter’

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Democratic Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick warned his party over the “inevitability” of Hillary Clinton as the 2016 nominee for president, cautioning such premature coronation is often “off-putting to the average voter.”

Patrick spoke with CNN’s Candy Crowley Sunday about Clinton’s prospects for president, which have received renewed attention in recent weeks as the 2016 election season inches closer.

“When you look at 2016, is this Hillary all the way, do you think?” Crowley asked.

“Well, I don’t know,” Patrick replied. “I guess I worry a little bit. She’s an enormously capable candidate and leader, but I do worry about the inevitability thing, because I think it’s off-putting to the average voter.”

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“I think that was an element of her campaign the last time,” the governor continued. “And as an enthusiastic Democrat, I just hope that the people around her pay attention to that this time around.”

Patrick also refused to endorse a Democratic candidate — noting that he probably won’t at any point — but added that he’ll “help the nominee if the nominee wants my help.”

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