Gov. Death and Sen. Snowflake – Irony is the Democrats Most Important Product

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Minn. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (catchy name) – Democrats both — epitomize irony.

First, there was Klobuchar announcing her candidacy for President – and telling us how she’ll solve global warming, which could destroy the planet in a matter of months – while standing outdoors during a blizzard.

Baby, it’s dumb outside.

Then Gov. Northam, under increasing pressure to resign over the notorious Buckwheat photo, told citizens that he must stay because Virginia needs a leader who will “heal the state” – and who better than a doctor. (Northam is a graduate of the Josef Mengele School of Medicine.) He also confided that the Old Dominion needed someone with “empathy.”

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Not long ago, the governor was on a talk show defending a bill which would have allowed infanticide. In his best bedside manner, Northam explained how the newborn would be “kept comfortable” while the mother and her abortionist decided its fate.

How’s that for empathy?

Governor Death and Senator Snowflake — the Democrats just keep cranking them out.

EDITOR’S NOTE: defines ‘irony’ as:

“incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.”

Another example of irony is the Speaker of the House acceptance speech by Nancy Pelosi last month.

In her speech, she announced her strong desire to have a bipartisan working relationship with Republicans in the House.

Then she turned around an immediately announced that she would not budge on her refusal to pass a spending bill that provided funding for President Trump’s border wall.

Another example was the behavior of Democrats during the Senate confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh.

One would expect US Senators to conduct themselves with a sense of respect and proper decorum.

Yet, what the Democrats displayed was complete disrespect for Kavanaugh and even for Professor Ford and they definitely lacked the professional decorum one expects from US Senators.

Go back a couple of years to when Hillary Clinton testified about her email scandal.

One would expect Clinton to tell the truth while under oath, but in fact, it has since been proven that she lied through her teeth.

Another piece of irony on this is that several of Donald Trump’s campaign affiliates are going to prison for lying to Congress, so one would expect equal treatment under the law for everyone who lies before Congress, and yet Clinton has never been indicted and remains free.

If it is a crime to collude with Russians concerning an election, as Democrats are still trying to nail President Donald Trump with, then why aren’t the members of the Clinton campaign, Democratic National Committee and Fusion GPS under the same investigation and scrutiny?

Yes, the Democratic Party is rife with irony, but then their unofficial political motto is something like ‘do as we want, not what we should do’.


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