Christie Echoes Libs on Being Pro-Life Outside the Womb

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke on a panel of Republican governors at the non-profit Aspen Institute in Colorado on Thursday. He urged the Republican base to help people in regards to matters of life outside the womb as well as those of the unborn.

“I’m pro-life and if you’re pro-life you have to be pro-life when they get out of the womb also,” Christie said.

Now while most Republicans would be in agreement with this statement, Christie seems to lean to the moderate thinking of what the base fails to do instead of promoting what those in the Republican voting demographic actually do to promote life outside the womb.

He further stated, “If we are a party that believes every life is precious and no one should be deprived of a second chance, well then we need to get on that issue.”

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The problem with Christie’s statement is many organizations and groups are helping individuals get second chances, especially faith-based organizations.

Christie believes the justice system needs to focus more on rehabilitation and stop stigmatizing the disease of drug addiction. “We don’t give them any kind of significant treatment, long-range treatment, and then we release them. And then we wonder why they go back and commit more crimes to support their habit,” Christie said.

Maybe Governor, that’s because studies prove government is not the answer in treating those with life addictions.

Perhaps, if Gov. Christie only researched the countless organizations that do provide long-range treatment rehabilitation without the need of federal funds. Many of these organizations are referred by those in the justice system because of their high success rates in helping to restore lives. Studies prove that those who are rehabilitated with a long- range treatment plan go on to become successful in life and live a life free of addiction and crime.

Former President George W. Bush often labeled the “Compassionate Conservative” was a Republican who often promoted non-profit groups that helped to treat drug addiction with great success.  One of the programs he promoted during his presidency was Teen Challenge.

Teen Challenge is a faith-based organization that has over 250 centers in the country. Each center is privately funded and meets the needs of the individual through spiritual, as well as physical rehabilitation.

“The idea is to promote successful programs, to focus on whether or not these programs are successful and if they are encourage them. And one of the really successful programs in America is Teen Challenge,” Bush said in a 2006 speech on faith-based and community initiatives. The former president was a big proponent of faith-based initiatives that helped restore lives without the hand of government funds. Bush stated, “Government can pass law and it can hand out money but it cannot love.”

Rarely, do you hear Republicans today quote former President George W. Bush for his “pro-life outside the womb” stance on restoring the individual through community and faith-based initiatives. But it is something that the former Republican president got right when it came to treating those with life controlling problems.

Christie, the potential 2016 presidential candidate, is often referred to as a moderate Republican. He might want to start researching what those in the non-profit and faith community do, successfully without government, in providing individuals a second chance at life. It’s easy to pat yourself on the back in claiming what the party doesn’t do but it is far more rewarding in understanding and promoting what many already do to help those in need to affirm life. Some of us even vote Republican from time to time.

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Julie Klose
Julie Klose is both a content editor and columnist for BarbWire as well as a freelance writer and blogger. She is a Christian Conservative who is passionate about speaking out on issues that relate to faith and politics. You can follow Julie's writing and contact her through Facebook or Twitter.

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