Gov. Bobby Jindal at CPAC 2014: ‘Our Best Days Are Ahead of Us’

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Washington, D.C. (ACU) – Today, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana addressed an excited crowd of conservative activists at CPAC 2014 – a celebration of 50 years of the ACU and America’s largest gathering of conservative leaders and activists.

“Essential to the American dream is to ensure every student has a good education,” said Governor Jindal. “We have to make the dollars follow the child instead of the child follow the dollars.”

He went on to talk about how parents make the best decisions. “Who can be against giving parents choices? Eric Holder and President Obama.”

Jindal went on to speak out against the expansive federal government and declared the President’s assault on the American Dream as wrong.

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“We’ve got a government so big it is infringing on our religious freedoms,” in which he highlighted the Hobby Lobby case and the Robertson family of the hit TV show Duck Dynasty.

“This great country didn’t create religious liberty and freedom. Religious liberty and freedom created this great country,” he said.

“I’m absolutely convinced our best days are ahead of us, not behind us. The genius of the founding fathers was to trust the people,” he stated in his closing remarks.

Before becoming Governor Jindal previously served two terms in the U.S. Congress representing the First District of Louisiana, where he was elected Freshman Class President and served as Assistant Majority Whip. In 1994, Jindal went to work for McKinsey and Company as a consultant before entering public service. In 1996, he was appointed Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH). In 1998, Jindal was appointed Executive Director of the National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare as well as President of the University of Louisiana System, the 16th largest higher education system in the country.

CPAC is taking place March 6-8, 2014 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, offering three days of blockbuster speeches, policy discussions and networking opportunities – all celebrating the shared principles of smaller government, a strong national defense and traditional American values.

For additional information, download the official CPAC 2014 app by clicking here, on Facebook at, or on Twitter at @CPACnews and #CPAC2014.

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