GOP’s Terri Lynn Land: ‘The real war on women is Obamacare

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Terri Lynn Land, the Republican Senate candidate in Michigan, continued to push back Wednesday against her opponent’s claim that she is part of the GOP’s “war on women” — telling Fox News “the real war on women is the fact that we have Obamacare.”

Land spoke with Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson Wednesday afternoon, after an ad mocking her Democratic opponent’s claim that she’s working to keep women down went viral (RELATED: GOP’s Terri Lynn Land mocks ‘war on women’ line).

“This is ridiculous,” she declared. “I’ve always been a supporter of women. I worked with women in the jobs that I’ve had, as [Michigan] Secretary of State and county clerk.”

“And, you know, now you’ve got the folks in Washington trying to tell Michigan women what they want,” she continued. “It’s just absurd.”

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Land rejected her opponent’s accusation that her “backward healthcare principles” mean she doesn’t care about American women.

“Well, the reality is, the real war on women is the fact that we have Obamacare,” she retorted. “It’s actually going to the point where women can’t have the doctors that they want, senior women can’t have the plans that they want — whether it’s Medicaid or Medicare, they’re cutting the costs there.”

“Where families are worried about the ability to have an affordable plan, where they’re losing their plans in Michigan — that’s the real war on women,” she asserted.

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