If GOP Goes ‘Gay,’ Democrats Will Reign Supreme

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(OneNewsNow.com) — After a recent decision by liberal Republicans in Oregon, there’s a question whether the Republican Party still supports traditional values.

Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action, reports that some in the Republican Party in the Beaver State have endorsed homosexual marriage.

He warns the state GOP “is not walking, they are running toward the mantle of Democrat Lite.”

A referendum on same-sex marriage will appear on the November ballot in Oregon.

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The platform of the Oregon Republican Party states that marriage is “between one man and one woman.”

The Oregonian newspaper reported that Republicans attending the Dorchester Conference on March 8 endorsed the ballot measure with a 233-162 vote.

“If they move away from these non-negotiable, transcendent issues on marriage, human sexuality, morality, life and other things, they will commit political suicide,” Barber suggests.

Conservatives apparently split to hold their own gathering, which means same-sex marriage supporters at Dorchester defeated opponents by only 71 ballots of 395 that were cast.

One attendee at Dorchester called the conservative Republicans “malcontents” and said they won’t be missed, the Oregon newspaper reported.

Dorchester was founded by Bob Packwood, the former U.S. senator who was forced to step down in 1995 after numerous allegations of sexual harassment.

The same liberal Dorchester group has publicly supported abortion in the past and in 1992 opposed an anti-homosexual measure on the state ballot that prohibited gay propaganda in public schools.

Barber contends that if the Republican Party abandons its base, conservatives and people of faith, “then we will see Democrat rule in perpetuity at least for the next several decades.”

“This notion that the Republican Party every year can continue to pay lip service to what they pejoratively call the social issues, and then stick them back up in the attic after the elections are over, the conservative base, the Christian base is wise to this now,” says Barber.

Barber says he believes in the Ronald Reagan approach to take over the Republican Party and reform from within. But if the Republican Party continues on its current trajectory then “we’ll have no choice as Christians but to break away and form a third party.”

That split will mean Democrats will reign supreme for the long haul.

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