GOP: ‘Don’t Worry, We’ll Surrender If You Elect Us’

The “Republicans” aren’t wasting any time in waving the ObamaCare surrender flag. They can’t even wait to (hopefully) get control of the U.S. Senate before they start surrendering (Hint: they already started surrendering to ObamaCare, long ago).

From ABC:

While Republicans in Congress shout, “Repeal Obamacare,” GOP governors in many states have quietly accepted the law’s major Medicaid expansion. Even if their party wins control of the Senate in the upcoming elections, they just don’t see the law going away.

Nine Republican governors have expanded Medicaid for low-income people in their states, despite their own misgivings and adamant opposition from conservative legislators. Three more governors are negotiating with the Democratic administration in Washington.RINO_strategy

Rather than demanding repeal, the governors generally have sought federal concessions to make their decisions more politically acceptable at home. That approach is in sharp contrast to the anti-Obamacare fervor of their party in Congress.

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Wow. Gotta love that fighting spirit from our “Republican” leaders, eh?

Tell me: would you root for a football team that said in the locker room before the game started, “Look, we can’t win this thing. The best we can do is get in a good play or two and maybe hope to keep control of the ball for a few minutes.”  Would you?

How would you like it if our president or our top generals said before the Afghanistan invasion, “Victory is just not gonna happen here. The Taliban is not going to go away”?  Unless you’re Harry “This war is lost” Reid, you’d realize such an approach was insane.

Even former conservative and current Ohio Governor John Kasich has already thrown in the towel even before Republicans get control:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he doesn’t think there will be a repeal in Washington, even if Republicans win a Senate majority and consolidate their hold on the House in next month’s election.

“That’s not gonna happen,” the Republican governor told The Associated Press during a recent re-election campaign swing.

You know, my mama taught me an important lesson when I was a little boy: Can’t never could do anything. If you don’t think you can do something, odds are, you’ll make yourself right.

That’s the kind of “Republicans” we have today–with a prime example running for U.S. Senate in South Dakota.

Don’t these “Republicans” inspire so much confidence? Don’t they inspire such enthusiasm to get out and support them?

Sure, giving every indication that you’ll cave to the enemy rather than even fight has always fired me up.

Does anyone see yet why I’m not the slightest bit excited about a so-called “Republican” victory in the Senate this year?

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Bob Ellis
Bob Ellis has been the owner of conservative media company Dakota Voice, LLC since 2005. He is a 10-year veteran of the United States Air Force, a political commentator for the past decade, and has been involved in numerous election and public policy campaigns for 20 years, including a founding Tea Party leader and organizer starting in 2009. He lives in Rapid City, South Dakota with his wife and two children.

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