Google Facing Antitrust Probes in Europe, India and Possibly US

I saw a headline from a source I cannot legally quote that stated that the US Department of Justice is looking into a conducting an antitrust probe involving Google.

While looking into the report, I discovered that the Italian Antitrust Authority received a complaint involving Google back in February, that they are looking into.

There are also rumors that the Competition Commission of India is also conducting an antitrust investigation against Google.

All I can say is that those behind Google have been intentionally targeting conservatives and patriotic Americans while catering to the dark forces of the far left.

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Fortune – A New Google Antitrust Probe Could Spell Trouble for Its Auto Domination PlansGoogle has been hit by yet another antitrust investigation in Europe, but this time it’s not about well-worn complaints over the company’s behavior in the search and smartphone operating-system markets—it’s effectively a clash with Europe’s biggest utility, Enel, and it could spell trouble for Google’s automotive ambitions.

Google has for the last four years or so been battling it out with Apple for control of new cars’ dashboard. It’s working on a full-blown operating system for cars, called Android Automotive, but for now its weapon of choice is an app called Android Auto, which essentially projects services from the user’s phone onto their dashboard, so they can use them while driving…. Read More Here

Android Police – Google reportedly under investigation by India authorities over antitrust complaints – As Google grows, it has increasingly become a target for antitrust lawsuits. The company was ordered to let users choose their preferred search engine in Russia, and European Union citizens are asked to select their favorite browser as a result of fines. According to a report from Reuters, India has now ordered an investigation into antitrust complaints similar to those raised in Europe.

While details about the specific complaints aren’t public at this time, one source told Reuters that they are very similar to those filed by the European Union. In that case, officials said Google forced manufactures to preinstall Search and Chrome, hurting competition from alternative browsers and search providers…Read More Here

It seems that Google, along with Facebook and Amazon have grown so big and so wealthy that they believe they can get away with anything.

They have no problem trampling over the constitutional rights of everyone who holds a different political view than they do.

They also believe that they can afford to tie up any and law legal challenges and lawsuits in the courts for years longer than most would be willing to pursue.

It’s time that these mega tech companies are brought down to size and forced to obey the laws of every country they operate in.


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