Google Bans Ad for Conservative Think Tank’s Gala Honoring Sec. State Pompeo

When it comes to the internet, there is no such thing as free speech.

In fact, the only speech that’s allowed is that of leftist socialists hell-bent on destroying America.

We’ve seen how Facebook, Instagram and others have been censoring the posts and pages of conservatives.

They use the excuse that their telling the truth violates their policies, generally because some whiny liberal was offended.

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In the latest attack on conservatives, Google stepped to a new low when they banned the Claremont Institute, a conservative think tank, from advertising their upcoming gala at which they planned to honor Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

National Review –  Google’s Attack on the Claremont Institute Must Not Stand – Ryan P. Williams of the Claremont Institute has a horror story to share about his experiences with Google:

We wanted to advertise our 40th Anniversary Gala on May 11, at which we’re honoring Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, to readers of our own online publication, The American Mind. But Google refuses to allow us to do so. . . .

Google, either its algorithm or some individual, had a look at my essay launching our new campaign for a unifying Americanism, “Defend America—Defeat Multiculturalism.” They decided it to be in violation of their policy on “race and ethnicity in personalized advertising” and shut down our advertising efforts to American Mind readers. We weren’t “advertising” anything in the essay, of course, but the relevant section of their policy lists “racially or ethnically oriented publications, racially or ethnically oriented universities, racial or ethnic dating” as examples of violations.

Somebody must have determined we were offering “racially or ethnically oriented publications.” This is news to us. The Claremont Institute has spent forty years teaching all who are willing to listen that the meaning of the proposition that all human beings are created equal is the central, animating principle of American political life…

The key thing about the overt censorship of conservatives is that what the post offends liberals.

But when a conservative reports a post that is very offensive, they are usually ignored.

The censorship is one-way only.

Last year, Facebook censored the page of a Christian who only posted Scripture and prayer, claiming it was in violation of their policies.



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