Goggle Doesn’t Fear Congress because They Bought Congress – Claims McNally

Meet Christie-Lee McNally – the founder of Free Our Internet, concealed carry permit holder, certified Olympic weight lifting coach and director of Maine Statewide for Donald J. Trump for President in 2016.

She is also described as someone that shouldn’t be messed with.

This tough lady has openly accused Google and other internet giants of not having any fear of Congress.

Why? She claims that through their extensive lobbying efforts, Google and others have basically bought control of Congress as such, do not believe that Congress will take any kind of action against them.

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(Breitbart) – Christie-Lee McNally, executive director of Free Our Internet,warned of large technology companies’ procurement of political influence via lobbying efforts in Washington, DC. She offered her remarks in a Thursday interview with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Free Our Internet is a non-profit organization describing itself as an opponent of the “tech-left” and its political censorship of “conservative speech online.”

McNally said:

“They control over 90 percent of the internet, so they don’t need to capitulate to us, they don’t need to capitulate to the Senate [or] the president. They don’t need to capitulate … because they’ve bought them all. The amount they pay in lobbyists — if you look at FEC reports and how much they pay in lobbyists [and in] Washington, DC, they don’t have to worry about legislation.”

“Clearly they lied last month when they went up there,” said McNally of Twitter and Facebook executives’ denial of political censorship across their digital platforms during testimony before congressional committees…

In an expose on Google’s lobbying efforts, based upon 2014 data the media giant spent most of the lobbying money with the Podesta Group.

The Podesta Group was founded by a former staff member of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Democrats are busy claiming that Republicans are controlled by the wealthy and that’s who they care about, when some of the wealthier Americas run the tech companies like Google and Facebook and contribute heavily to Democrats.



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