God Showed Me Living a Gay Lifestyle Was Contrary to the Bible

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When I entered the mall bookstore I wasn’t headed to the “Self Help” Section but that’s exactly where I found myself. Little did I know that I was moments away from a Divine Encounter that would answer the question I had been pondering for years: what did God Almighty have to say about homosexuality?

My eyes scanned the book titles in search of something that would grab my attention. Nothing pushed my button, but I became curious over a little book so thin that the title could not be printed on its spine. I gently pulled it out and when I saw the title, Where to Look in the Bible, I knew something extraordinary was about to happen.

I will always believe that it wasn’t me who opened the book directly to the topic “HOMOSEXUALITY” and these scriptures: Genesis 19:1-38, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Mark 10:6-9, Romans 1:26-28, Romans 1:27,Romans 1:32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11,Jude 1:7, but the power of the Living God through my hands.

I knew how to look up scriptures but I paused for a moment. I knew once I opened a Bible and read for myself from the ‘inspired Word of God’, I would have no excuse to justify the kind of life I was living.

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All of the Bibles on the shelf nearby were wrapped in cellophane. As quietly as I could, I removed the wrapping from one and stuffed it behind the other books. One by one I looked up the references.

A fear like I had never known came upon me and I wanted to run. Where could I hide that the all seeing eye of the Lord would not find me? It was now settled in my mind and heart, God had revealed His truth to me in His Word and: I could not be gay and Christian at the same time.

In a matter of weeks my lesbian relationship ended. And months later I surrendered to the Lord, asked for forgiveness, turned from my wicked ways and became born again.


True Christianity is the last frontier for Satan to try and conquer using his ‘glbtxyz’ deceivers.

Recently one of those deceivers launched a video with a theme of “I’m a Christian, Patriotic American, and a ‘free market shrink the government’ conservative who happens to be gay.” Over 750,000 have viewed this ear ticking piece of propaganda already that perverts the gospel.

This latest piece of pro-glbt propaganda joins the long list of those perverting the gospel today: the Gay Christian Network, movies, universities, seminaries, corrupt church denominations, and preachers, attempting to convince individuals a person can be gay and Christian.

Believers beware! All through the Word of God we are told about every wind of doctrine existing (Ephesians 4:14) and another gospel being preached. (Galatians 1:6-9)

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, hold fast to what God has said in His Word. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve could not remember exactly what God had said and they were deceived. (Genesis 3) But when Jesus was tempted by Satan, it was with the Word of God Jesus responded. (Luke 4)

Let it be clear, the omnipotent, omnipresent Living God has said: one cannot be gay and be Christian. Stand upon that truth.

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Linda Wall is a former lesbian, delivered from homosexuality by the power of the Living Jesus Christ. She has worked for the Virginia General Assembly, lobbied for traditional values and ran for the Virginia House of Delegates.She is founder and CEO of Virginia Mass Resistance, a Judeo-Christian group whose mission is to resist the forces behind the lgbt movement threatening the Judeo-Christian values of America. She is available to share her testimony with church groups.
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