God Endorses Trump: Pundits Scramble for Content

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When a fallen soul bows the knee to the Creator, all of the angels in heaven rejoice. From the miry clay a human being, designed for eternal fellowship or eternal destruction, has been raised unto salvation; washed clean by the Blood of Christ and set upon the narrow path to our heavenly home.

The Good News, The Gospel, God’s Plan for Man, Eternal Salvation through the Redemptive Blood Sacrifice of His only Son still happens, everyday. Have we become so engulfed in cynicism, indignation (righteous or otherwise) and flat out stubbornness that we are no longer willing to accept the fact that God changes people, just as he once changed and continues to change us?

We are all works-in-progress as born-again believers. We are continuously bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. We make mistakes. We change. The basis of Salvation is change.

In this election season we clamor for that change. America is hungry for God and we groan under the weight of our own sin.

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What we need is Revival in the land and that doesn’t come from the White House. It comes from the Church House. It comes from Americans kneeling in prayer and begging for forgiveness, personally. When the consciousness of America becomes one of contrition and not one of arrogance, perhaps we won’t find ourselves with “evil” choices from whom to elect a president, as those people will be ostracized from our society, not promoted to positions of authority.

We are instructed to pray for, and obey our leaders, both spiritual and carnal. Yet we have become so used to shouting  “LIAR! HERETIC! FRAUD! and CHARLATAN ! that we sometimes run dangerously close to the line of spiritual disrespect. Changing our country starts by looking in the mirror not in the microscope, or in the case of our spiritual betters, a telescope.

Hebrews 13:7 (Amplified Bible)

Remember your leaders [for it was they] who brought you the word of God; and consider the result of their conduct [the outcome of their godly lives], and imitate their faith [their conviction that God exists and is the Creator and Ruler of all things, the Provider of eternal salvation through Christ, and imitate their reliance on God with absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness].

As we run this race, striving to persevere until the end, let us bear in mind (remembering that preachers preach to themselves first) that those who desire the office of a minister desire a good thing but that they bring upon themselves a stricter judgement by being one who teaches. Cut them some slack. They are doing their best as ones who must give account to God for our souls.

Likewise, show new converts to Christ the same nurturing love that you were once shown. Likely, you would not be a Christian at all if not for a minister ignoring your shortcomings and supporting your growth.

I know I wouldn’t be.

There has been a rumor floating around that Donald Trump gave his heart to Jesus recently, an exciting prospect to be sure and one only he and God know the validity for sure. In time, his life will bear the fruit of that conversion, if it’s true. If it isn’t, there will be no fruit.

The Evangelical leaders that were so brazen as to even mention the possibility have summarily been raked over the coals, publicly, for daring to suggest that Trump’s conversion could be real. I’m as cynical as the next guy and I’m not saying I believe the rumor, but there are thresholds even I won’t cross and shouting down ministers of the gospel, in public, to further my own political narrative is one of them.

Sometimes it seems that if God the Father Himself descended from on High, flanked by The Son and The Holy Ghost and announced live on television:

“America! Yea, I say unto thee. Donald Trump has been born again and I have raised him up to be your next leader!”

Tomorrow’s headline would read :

“God Drinks Trump Kool-Aid: Loses All Credibility”

Raising an impassioned argument for one’s beliefs is noble, sensationalism for the sake of profit and notoriety is not.

Is Trump our King Cyrus?

I don’t know, but God does.

It is easy to be distracted in this battle against the powers of darkness that beset our Nation and our Churches. Let us not forget who the enemy is and cease from turning to bite and rend one another, Brothers; lest our divided house fall.

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills is the Founder and Editor in Chief at ChristianConservatives.Net . Mr. Mills was formerly Senior Editor here at BarbWire.com Chris has also been published at Townhall, iPatriot and Libusters.com

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