GM Closing Plants Cutting Thousands of Jobs Due to Liberalism

General Motors has announced that they are closing 5 auto plants, two of which are in Michigan.

In the process, they are cutting as many as 14,700 workers.

Democrats are quickly pointing to the announcement as signs of the failure of the Trump economy.

They will lay 100% of the blame on Trump, but what liberals wont’ tell you is that they are actually the ones responsible for the plant closings and layoffs.

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GM says they are restructuring, dropping several models of vehicles so they can focus on self-driving vehicles and on green energy electric vehicles, which the liberals have pressured them into.

WNEM – GM to slash 14,700 jobs in North America, possibly close 5 plants – General Motors will lay off 14,700 factory and white-collar workers in North America and put five plants, including two in Michigan, up for possible closure as it restructures to cut costs and focus more on autonomous and electric vehicles.

The reduction includes 8,100 white-collar workers, some of whom will take buyouts and others who will be laid off. Most of the affected factories build cars that won’t be sold in the U.S. after next year. They could close or they could get different vehicles to build. They will be part of contract talks with the United Auto Workers union next year.

Plants without products include assembly plants in Detroit; Lordstown, Ohio; and Oshawa, Ontario. Also affected are transmission factories in Warren, Michigan, as well as Baltimore.

Assembly plants that will be unallocated in 2019 include:

  • Oshawa Assembly in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly in Detroit.
  • Lordstown Assembly in Warren, Ohio.

For the past decade, Democrats have been pushing for more green energy at the expense of oil and coal industry.

Barack Obama waged open warfare on oil and coal production in the United States while wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on one failed green energy project after another.

California’s Democrats passed the nation’s first cap and trade law, which drove some businesses to leave the state.

The liberal push to convert the nation to green energy is far more responsible for the GM announcement than the Trump economy.



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