Gillibrand Campaigns for Open Border Despite Data Showing Flow of Drug Across Border

Kirsten Gillibrand is a typical New York socialist Democrat who is currently serving as a US Senator from New York, along with Chuck Schumer.

Gillibrand became a senator after Hillary Clinton vacated the seat in 2009 to become Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

Gillibrand kicked off her campaign yesterday in front of one of President Donald Trump’s properties.

She called Trump a coward and spoke about how she wants an open border.

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Independent Sentinel – Gillibrand to Campaign Today on Open Borders & Calling Trump ‘Cowardly’ – Anti-capitalist Kirsten Gillibrand will kick off her campaign Sunday with vile and empty verbal attacks on President Trump in front of one of his properties. If he punches back, she can pull the anti-woman card.

She will characterize Trump as a “coward” who “punches down.” The new Gillibrand has discovered her inner anti-capitalist self and will label the Trump International Hotel as a “shrine to greed, division, and vanity.”

If there is one thing the President never is, it’s cowardly, and we applaud his success as a capitalist.

The hardcore leftist Democrat will divide us along class lines to promote her newly-formed views in support of the politics of envy, socialism…


As Gillibrand kicks off her campaign with pushing for open borders, a new government report counters one of the arguments posed by Democrats like Gillibrand on the need to build a border wall.

They claim a border wall will do little to stop the flow of illegal dangerous drugs because of them come through at port of entry locations.

However, the new report shows that only a small portion of illegal drugs come through the ports of entry, indicating that most of it is crossing the border at more remote locations.

The National Sentinel – New govt. data DESTROYS Democrat talking point against border wall: More drugs seized away from ports of entry – The Democrats’ number one talking point in arguing against building more walls along the U.S.-Mexico border is that they won’t do much to stop drug smuggling.

Most drugs, they argue, go through U.S. ports of entry, so the better plan is to simply beef up security there and scrap any notion that walls work to keep drugs out.

Democrats are getting their information from a 2018 Drug Enforcement Agency report which said, “A small percentage of all heroin seized by (Customs and Border Protection agents) along the land border was between Ports of Entry.” …

Facts don’t matter to Democrats.

They really don’t care about the illegal drugs or the American people that become victims of the drugs and those who use the drugs.

All Democrats care about is bringing in as many illegal aliens into the US as possible so they can cast illegal votes for Democrats in the 2020 election.



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