Germany Orders Facebook to Gather & Mix Less Data

Facebook rose from a small social media platform launched from a dorm room to being one of the world’s largest and most dangerous leftist, propaganda, anti-free speech, socialist, data gathering companies in the world.

I would not be surprised to learn that Facebook knows more about its users than any law enforcement agency in the world.

That’s a really frightening thought considering how socialist and leftwing Facebook has become.

Facebook’s data gathering and use of that data has come under great scrutiny and condemnation ever since the 2016 elections.

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Germany has now ordered the company to restrict its data gathering and mixing to only those users who give them permission to do so.

BBC Technology – Facebook ordered by Germany to gather and mix less data – Germany’s competition regulator has told Facebook to substantially restrict how it collects and combines data about its users unless they give it explicit consent.

The watchdog has carried out a probe into the social network following concerns that members were unaware of the extent of the firm’s activities.

It covered data gathered from third-party sources as well as via Facebook’s other apps, including Instagram.

The US firm has said it will appeal.

Specifically, the FCO has ruled that:

  • Facebook’s various services – including WhatsApp and Instagram – can continue to collect data, but they cannot combine the information with a user’s main Facebook account unless the member gives their voluntary consent…

Note that in 2016, the ONLY reason Facebook came under fire for data sharing was because a firm used it to hopefully help the Trump campaign.

However, in 2012, Democrats and the Obama administration did the exact same thing, but no one blinked an eye or raised any concern.

Today, Facebook is busy trying to silence and shutdown as many pages and accounts of conservatives and Christians because the leftists who run Facebook can’t bear to hear the truth or allow anyone else to hear it.



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