Gender Confused Teens Too Fragile for Public School?

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Leave it to the radicals to try to hold Americans hostage once more to threats that essentially declare, “If we don’t get our way, we will kill ourselves.”

That’s the message the child-endangering Human Rights Campaign wants to send to the state of Tennessee, and already told the RINO governor of South Dakota. And these deviants will keep trying to spin this yarn to any state or city considering common sense measures to regulate bathroom and shower use based on biology.

HRC is touting a new study that correlates denial of opposite sex restroom use with higher suicide rates among gender-confused teens.

Boys who can’t shower with girls will kill themselves. Right.

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So let’s see. We are supposed to believe that teen girls who have been using the girls’ room all their lives, are suddenly so traumatized by continued use of those facilities, that they are likely to take the ultimate step– suicide?

If that’s true– and this is huge “if”– then there’s an obvious conclusion: any teen in such an emotionally fragile state does not belong in public school, period. That teen desperately needs institutional care.

Just walking down the hall to each class, or riding on the school bus, eating in the cafeteria, would present hour-by-hour situations that will send such kids into dire distress, apparently.

Which leads to another obvious conclusion. This study, if authentic, only substantiates the reality about opposite-sex-posing by teens: such unnatural behaviors are tragically and obviously mental illness.

Apparently the Human Rights Campaign is eager for gender-“queer” youth to remain mentally ill without treatment. Such misguided students are so, so useful to the evil cause of mainstreaming depravity.

This is a set-up, folks. If bathroom regulations based on biology are reinforced in any state, like the bill now under consideration in Tennessee, and any gender-troubled teen does make a suicide attempt– a circumstance we must all pray never happens– such a self-destructive act will be positioned as the fault of such legislation.

No, the responsibility for all this trash– for the stinking sewer of homosexual and gender anarchy being unleashed on our children– lies with the unconscionable Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN and their ilk.

Saner heads must prevail here and hang tough. A male using a male restroom is not an imposition. The expectation that a girl uses a girls’ shower is not a “hateful” act.

It’s called “normal.” And it’s the most loving and positive standard a school can set for all students, confused or not. Such a standard also respects the privacy and modesty of gender-secure girls and boys while nudging uncertain teens toward a life walking in truth, instead of a tenuous existence hanging on an obvious and life-sabotaging lie.

Studies show that 70 to 80% of gender-confused teens will naturally, without intervention, accept their birth sex identity by early adulthood. So the frantic effort to validate phony identities is unnecessary.

I’m not trying to be insensitive here, but the opposite. We should all be hyper-sensitive to the vulnerable position that adults put these pretend-girls and pretend-boys in, if we capitulate to insane radicals. It is truly unsafe to allow teens to dress and act as the opposite sex and this study, if valid, only reinforces that position.

No child or teen, for his or her own safety and well-being, should ever, ever be allowed to dress or masquerade as the opposite sex. No unnecessary hormones and certainly no amputation of healthy body parts should be allowed in the medical care of children.

Legislators– there’s your next bill.

Allowing children to go down such roads is truly child abuse, as Matt Barber recently wrote, quoting the American College of Pediatricians’ excellent new policy paper.

South Dakota legislators passed a worthy bill affirming biological restroom use. The RINO governor, Dennis Daugaard, allowed himself to be manipulated by GLSEN, HRC and other extremist groups and vetoed this excellent measure, with the excuse that it was a “local” issue.

What’s next as a local issue– the sun coming up tomorrow morning?

I hope South Dakota voters keep this in mind at Daugaard’s next election. No one wants a governor in office who is out of touch with the facts and unwilling to protect children.

As Tennessee considers similar legislation, it’s important for that state’s Republican governor, Bill Haslam, to be held accountable if he cooperates with the lies of the Obama Department of Education, that Title IX somehow magically encompasses “transgender” demands in schools. Haslam has already made noises that fear of federal funding loss is going to be his veto rationale.

Oh, for a brave Republican politician who wants to protect children.

Any such funding loss would only be due to an inappropriate application of Title IX and unauthorized executive actions by the Obama administration. No such federal law has been passed by Congress.

Don’t let Haslam get away with spineless disservice to his constituents. Any lost funds from the lawless Obama administration will be recovered in a Cruz administration, so this should not be a reason to veto a sensible, fact-based, child-friendly law.

So actually, by publicizing this new study, HRC has given conservatives more substance to support our position. Gender dysphoric kids are starving for a climate of truth, one that homosexual pressure groups deliberately and cruelly oppose.

And truth is always the greatest safety net of all.

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