Lesbian Talk Show Host Tammy Bruce Warns of ‘Gay Gestapo’

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A recent Jeff Allen column on BarbWire about the “Gay”-Stapo was unfairly attacked as being patently false, and it provoked the ire of several leftist media outlets (See here and here).

However, speaking about the recent Arizona religious freedom bill that was vetoed by Gov. Jan Brewer, Tammy Bruce refers to homosexual activists as the “gay gestapo” and warns that “houses of worship [are] now vulnerable.” Bruce, by the way, is a lesbian radio talk-show host, New York Times best-selling author, and Fox News political contributor.

Wrote Tammy Bruce in the Washington Times:

This [Arizona religious freedom] bill , like others across the country, was thought necessary because of the emergence of business, large and small, being attacked by the gay left for either espousing Christian values or acting on their Christian faith. Ranging from a bakery to a photographer, individuals were being sued for refusing to violate their religious beliefs.

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This is an effort to condition the public into automatically equating faith with bigotry…lawsuits against small business [are] resting on the notion that acting on genuinely held faith is bigotry per se.

Under these rules, freedom of conscience is squashed under the JACKBOOT of liberals, all in the Orwellian name of ‘equality and fairness.’

Here we are dealing with not just forcing someone to do something for you, but forcing them in the process to violate a sacrament of their faith as well. If we are able to coerce someone, via the threat of lawsuit and personal destruction, to provide a service, how is that not slavery? If we insist that you must violate your faith specifically in that slavish action, how is that not abject tyranny?

It has been disgusting to watch supposed gay ‘leadership’ drag young gays and lesbians through an indoctrination that insists that in order to have equality, you must force other people to do your will, make them betray who they are, and punish them if they offend you.

Horribly, the gay civil rights movement has morphed into a Gay Gestapo. Its ranks will now do the punishing of those who dare to be different or dissent from the approved leftist dogma.

The real target is the church and temple. If the left can convince our society to force people of faith to violate their sacraments in the name of ‘equality,’ why would we allow that to stop at the church door?

As Americans, we did not go through the growing pains of the civil rights movements only to capitulate to 21st century bullies who have the gall to use the importance of minority rights as a weapon to extinguish those with whom they disagree.

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