The ‘GAY’-stapo: My Follow-Up From The Indianapolis Marriage Rally

In my first column on this event, I focused on the political wrangling and the protestors on both sides of the same-sex “marriage” debate, but today I want to look from a decidedly different angle at this event.   As I braved the sub-zero temperatures on my way from the parking lot to the Pro-Marriage Rally at the Indiana statehouse in Indianapolis, I walked at noticeably brisk pace.  It was only about a block and half journey, but the weather was so cold that day that I soon began looking for a place of refuge along the way.  In that short distance, I was unfortunately not able find such a location, but I couldn’t help but notice what was playing at the Indiana Repertory Theater on Washington Street.  On the marquee, the words “And Then They Came For Me” immediately jumped out and captured my attention.  The stark irony of those words was not lost on me.  Another chill went down my spine, and this time it wasn’t because of the frigid tempuratures. 

This play, one of James Still’s most popular, is a multi-media production of video and live performances that are carefully woven together to tell the harrowing, true life events of Eva Schloss and Ed Silverberg, a step-sister and friend of Ann Frank, respectively.  Schloss and Silverberg were two Jews that were tragically entangled in the evil advance of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  The dramatic production recounts their survival of the nightmarish events surrounding the Holocaust and vividly depicts their years spent in hiding and the horrors of the concentration camp. 

My fortuitous encounter with this production also brought to mind the famous, yet ominous, poem “First They Came…,” which is attributed to German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984).  The confrontational text denounces the cowardice of German citizens following the Nazi rise to power and their subsequent purging of chosen targets, one by one.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.                                     

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.                                                                                

Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

For his bold opposition to the Nazis, Rev. Niemöller was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen and Dachau concentration camps from 1937 to 1945. He narrowly escaped execution and survived imprisonment.  

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where things are rapidly heading in our country.  Before the accusations of paranoia or overly melodramatic exaggerations are cast my way, let me remind you to never underestimate the subversive schemes of a true radical Leftist with an amoral axe to grind.  With their notorious enemies’ lists, they have a very unscrupulous way of marginalizing or eliminating their opposition.  Never forget Todd Starnes recent report about the U.S. Army’s utilization of the SPLC’s hate group list to identify evangelical Christians as potential terror threats…or the IRS’ recent and insidious targeting of conservative groups…or President Obama’s brazen propensity to flout or write new laws…or the Democrat’s ridiculous contortions to rationalize or even to encourage the President’s indefensible conduct.    

Many on the Left disdainfully remark that traditional marriage supporters are on the “wrong side of history,” and they will gloatingly point to our recent string of losses at the hands of a rogue judiciary, state legislatures, and activist politicians as evidence that they are winning…and we are losing.  So, why are many people like myself going against the “inevitable” flow of “gay rights”?  The primary reason, of course, concerns the biblical instructions regarding the divine definition and sanctity of marriage.  However, there is another critical reason why many Christians and concerned citizens stand against the homosexual agenda at events like the Pro-Traditional Marriage Rally in Indianapolis.  We do so because we realize that these social and political arenas represent a buffer zone between the militant homosexuals and the church itself.  Once civil marriage laws fall and the so-called anti-discrimination laws fill the void, we know that the church and its ministers will be next.

This struggle reminds me of something Gay columnist Paul Varnell once stated, “The chief opposition to gay equality is religious.  We may conduct our efforts in the political sphere or even the cultural sphere, but slowing our progress is the moral/religious sphere.  If we could hasten the pace of change here, our overall progress would acceleratein fact, it would be assured.”  Mr. Varnell makes no attempt to veil their heinous objective; he unabashedly admits to their agenda.  The religious and their sacred institutions are most certainly the next target on their notorious list.

In Great Britain, for example, where gay marriage became legal in July of 2013, Barrie Drewitt-Barlow and his civil partner Tony filed a lawsuit to force churches to host and ministers in the Church of England to perform gay weddings.  Mr. Drewitt-Barlow told the Essex Chronicle that he is taking legal action because “I am still not getting what I want.”  Mr Drewitt-Barlow also said: “The only way forward for us now is to make a challenge in the courts against the church.  It is a shame that we are forced to take Christians into a court to get them to recognize us.”  He added, “It upsets me because I want it so much – a big lavish ceremony, the whole works, I just don’t think it is going to happen straight away.”  This clearly illustrates the fact that many activist homosexual thugs will never be happy with anything short of full capitulation by the church, and they are prepared to take whatever legal action is necessary to get what they want.  It’s just a matter of time before they attempt similar legal action in America.  It only takes one sympathetic lawyer and/or one activist judge to make it happen.

Speaking of the British, they have been fighting similar battles between religious/speech rights and “gay rights.”  Even Atheist and homosexual British historian Dr. David Starkey spoke out against these conscience-violating laws when he issued a dire warning about an “intolerant,” “oppressive” “new liberal morality” or “new tyranny” on March 3, 2011 during a BBC Question Time debate (Watch the VIDEO)

In the video, Dr. Starkey illustrated the danger by pointing to the case of Peter and Hazelmary Bull, Christian guesthouse owners in Cornwall, England, who were fined £3,600 (and ultimately forced out of business) because of their policy of restricting double beds to heterosexual married couples (Heterosexual unmarried couples were also not allowed to rent a room).   We’ve also had our share of similar legal horror stories in America.”  As lesbian EEOC member Chai Feldblum so infamously asserted, this battle is a zero-sum game in which only one side will prevail.

After referring to this video with Irish gay commentator Paddy Manning via twitter, we had the following exchange:

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And the exact same freedom-slaying tactics are being employed in America.   It’s open season on all who believe in traditional marriage.  Here are just a few examples:

In 2006, Crystal Dixon, Associate Vice Pres. of Human Resources at the University of Toledo, was fired by the university for writing an op-ed article (on her own time) for the Toledo Free Press.  Dixon, a black woman, wrote her article in response to one written earlier by Michael Miller who equated homosexual activism with the earlier struggle for African-American civil rights.  In her piece, Dixon dared to disagree with Mr. Miller’s assertions.  She was soon thereafter fired, and despite years of fighting legal battles, she never received her job back. 

In 2010, Jennifer Keeton was told by Augusta State University in Georgia that she would have to change her Christian beliefs or be expelled from the school’s graduate counseling program.  She had been enrolled in the School Counselor Master’s Degree program since 2009.  When she expressed her Christian beliefs in class discussions and written assignments, Keeton was required to participate in a “Remediation Plan,” which included workshops on diversity sensitivity training, attendance at events such as the Gay Pride Parade in Augusta, and additional reading/writing on the topic of improved counseling effectiveness with GLBTQ populations.  When she refused, the Alliance Defense Fund filed suit against the school on July 21, 2010, but in June 2012, Judge J. Randal Hall of the Southern District of Georgia ruled against her.

Four San Diego firefighters, all of them Christians, were ordered by their department to participate in the city’s July 21, 2007 homosexual “Pride Parade” by Fire Chief Tracy Jarman who is an open lesbian. Charles LiMandri, West Coast regional director for the Thomas More Law Center who represented the firefighters, said that they (Capt. John Ghiotto and firefighters Jason Hewitt, Alex Kane, and Chad Allison) had expressed concerns before the parade and said they did not want to appear to be endorsing homosexuality, which violated their religious beliefs.  Instead of recognizing their concerns, the city informed them that if they did not march, they could face disciplinary action.  So, they marched, but later filed a lawsuit too.  They eventually won their case and were awarded $5,000 each for emotional damages caused by the event, where they witnessed “simulated sex acts.”   Some might respond, “Why are you complaining?  Didn’t they win their case?”  Yes, that’s true, but they still had to march in the parade in defiance of their conscience rights, and they still had to witness what they found to be morally offensive behavior.  They also experienced harassment from city officials and were forced to endure all of the legal hassles.   Are Christians going to constantly be required to go to court just to defend what should be obvious Constitutional rights?  The chilling effect and the exorbitant legal costs associated with these kinds of lawsuits will definitely be effective in silencing many.      

Unfortunately, none of these are isolated instances.  These cases are only but a fraction of the numerous violations of First Amendment protections that are occurring as a result of the intolerant homosexual agenda.  They actually represent an alarming trend that’s sweeping all across our nation.

When Matt Barber recently published an article on our own BarbWire entitled Liberal Love: Matt Barber Will be ‘Tried’ & ‘Hanged’ for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’, the virulent and extremely hateful comments would have been a lot more laughable and easily dismissed as the ravings of a liberal lunatic mind if they weren’t so sinisterly representative of the Nazi-like homosexual activist’s deepest, darkest desires.  Many of them really do console themselves with fantasies of their own Kristallnacht, in which Christians are euphemistically “taken out of the way” as part of the “gay”-stapo’s “final solution” to the “Christian problem.”  The torturing or hanging of Matt Barber and other Christians like him is shockingly not off the table for the most rabid among them.  If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the Heritage Foundation’s The Price of Prop 8, which documents numerous examples of harassment, intimidation, vandalism, theft, blacklisting, loss of employment, economic hardships, venomous protests, violence, death threats, and gross expressions of anti-religious bigotry that were all triggered by the pernicious homosexual bullies and their sympathetic goons.   

Johann Hari, a self-described “gay left-wing” journalist in Britain writing in an article for the Huffington Post, stated that “[t]here has always been a weird, disproportionate overlap between homosexuality and fascism.”  Hari also wrote, “Fascism is in our bones, because it’s all about glorifying white male supremacy and fetishizing domination, cruelty, power and monstrous authority figures.”

All of the facts chronicled above, however, have been, and continue to be, conveniently swept under the rug by the “gay”-stapo’s media propagandists.  Today’s, mainstream media collaborators could teach Joseph Goebbels a thing or two. 

Oh, by the way, the Republicans caved in Indiana.  The Senate did vote 32-17 to approve the House’s amended version of HJR-3, the marriage amendment.  However, they basically eviscerated the measure by leaving the so-called “controversial” second sentence out, guaranteeing that the Marriage Amendment will not be on the ballot in 2014.   The citizens of Indiana will have to wait until at least 2016 for another opportunity to vote on the weaker version of the marriage amendment, one that is more likely to be overturned by a rogue judiciary.  The same-sex “marriage” supporters celebrated this as a victory for their side, and rightly so.  I’m not sure what was more debilitatingthe devastating defeat or the embarrassing collapse of the Republicans.  As it stands, however, the people of Indiana will sadly be denied the right to vote on this pivotal issue, and the homosexual lobby described that fact as the epitome of freedom at its finest. 

There’s one thing we in Indiana can count on for sure, the Republicans, who control both houses in the Indiana legislature, will boast to their conservative constituents that they voted to support the marriage amendment, and out of the other side of their mouths, they will surely remind the homosexual lobby that they also kept the second sentence out for them.  It’s another classic example of weak-kneed politicians trying to have it both ways.  Unfortunately, the people of Indiana are the real losers in this latest example of political Kabuki Theater.  Chalk it up as another destructive advance for the “gay’-stapo’s hateful hordes.   

In Hollywood’s recent theatrical release of The Monuments Men, the storyline follows an Army unit that was guided by a group of seven museum directors, curators, and art historians as they engaged in a gripping search to recover priceless pieces of art before they were destroyed by the Nazis.  Likewise, the hostile homosexual goose-steppers are seeking to destroy marriage, the masterpiece of God’s handiwork.  As dedicated Christians, we too must metaphorically endeavor to recover and restore this infinitely valuable work of art before it’s been marred beyond recognition by the “gay”-stapo.

This is why I continue to fight the good fight for true marriage!   Surrender will never be an option.  As a pastor, I  am not going to sit around and wait until they come after me and my church in what amounts to an updated version of Rev. Niemöller’s list.  It will be too late by then.

Always remember that we are on the “right side of eternity!” 

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Barb Wire.

Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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