More ‘Gay Pride’ Means Less Freedom

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It’s the season once again for “gay pride,” and I received my own personal commemoration the other day. A letter showed up in our organization’s mailbox, the kind that’s more infrequent with the ease of email. It was addressed to “HATE Group” and had, of course, no return address.

But instead of the usual postmark from San Diego or San Francisco, this letter originated locally. And I suspect the nice touch of adding one of the new postage stamps featuring homosexual icon Harvey Milk was one reason (other than anonymity) this poisonous missive was sent by regular post. The note inside spewed a whole array of profanities, encouraged me to “get out of Ohio” and closed with a hand-written note: “Happy Gay Pride!” with a smiley face.

I guess hate is now an expression of “gay pride.” Inclusion and acceptance are so 2013.

Indeed, it is almost time for the annual Columbus “pride” parade on June 21. Cincinnati just held theirs (May 31), and Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo have planned their weekends of homosexual happiness not to conflict with the others in Ohio, allowing those from nearby cities to visit the neighboring parades.

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In Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and Philly are doing the same thing; ditto Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte, Orlando, St. Pete and Miami. This of course inflates the appearance of “local” support and attendance.

And we can’t forget the proudly promoted Cleveland “gay” games being held Aug. 9-16, more muscle-flexing by the newly empowered homosexual lobby and a chance to demonstrate visible signs of health and vibrancy. Forget all those rumors of disease-prone lifestyles.

The Cleveland games advertise that they are “open to all.” Yet if someone showed up in a T-shirt proclaiming “Marriage: One Man, One Woman,” it’s a sure bet that athlete would be given the cold shoulder – or worse.

Pride is certainly in the eye of the beholder, and not everyone would be proud of what major cities allow on these depraved weekends. Consider the sponsored event on Friday, June 13, to kick off the weekend for Pittsburgh Pride, a night called “Hellhole.” It features Sharon Needles, a drag queen pictured in black satin, wearing a prominent upside-down cross. Is Satanic imagery now something to be proud of as well?

Here are details promoted to the potential Hellhole participant:

Sharon Needles (winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4) hosts and performs live at this wild, spooky evening of trash, sass and slashers. … Special guest Colby Keller of Big Shoe Diaries will be brandishing a thick wooden paddle for all those naughty enough to enter his spanking station!

A portion of ticket sales goes to the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force. ( And we wonder why HIV is still an epidemic). Is infection contracted through unnatural behaviors something to be proud of as well?

And there’s more, promoted as a package with Sharon Needles and listed on the “Pride Calendar” of the Pittsburgh Pride official site: “Men’s Room.” Here’s what a participant can expect: “In sound, spirit, and attitude, Men’s Room takes you to those free sexual days of the 1970s and 1980s. Join us on the dance floor, and any fantasy you might have, with or without clothes (clothes check available), you can perform.”

The Charlotte pride website features a photo of a boy who appears to be about 11 with a rainbow painted across his bare chest. Philadelphia’s pride weekend on June 7-8 featured faux same-sex weddings at Independence Mall, re-imagining the bondage of homosexual sin as “equality” and defying American patriots to object.

Most city pride events have ever-expanding youth participation in what are purported to be “separate” youth events. This is not an appropriate environment for minors, yet are 14-year-old boys often invited to the parade after-parties? No doubt the answer is “yes.”

Such conduct is nothing to be proud of. Those with discernment can clearly see what is happening as homosexuals keep pushing the boundaries and “parade their sin like Sodom” (Isaiah 3:9). Their alleged freedom means loss of liberty for you and me.

You’d think they could share the love, but no. Homosexual leaders now declare they will not support religious exemptions in “non-discrimination” bills, like the federal ENDA that would equate homosexuals with bona fide protected classes for the purposes of employment, housing and public accommodations. Recall the Human Rights Campaign’s reaction to religious freedom bills in Arizona and elsewhere: Such bills are a “license to discriminate.” The fact that Americans have had religious freedom since 1791 or so makes no difference to HRC, apparently.

When you become proud, the tolerance is gone, the gloves are off. This is the true face of so-called “equality,” and there’s nothing gay about it. Like the vulgar letter I received, “pride” means they will shove the Harvey Milks of the world into our children’s classrooms, despite Milk’s history as an open youth-molester, and even persuade our wayward presidential administration that Milk deserves to be featured on a postage stamp. Homosexuals will continue such defiance – and yet we who object are the ones who deserve hate?

Consider the entire Isaiah 3:9 passage: “The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them! They have brought disaster upon themselves.” If we wanted to truly help these people, we would prevent them from wallowing in this lifestyle.

At the same time, this movement is causing collateral damage in America. Are we willing to open our eyes and see where this is going? More pride means less freedom for Christians. That means loss of virtue and a farewell to America’s soul.

Isn’t it time for America to stop the parade?

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