Gay ‘Marriage’: Alabama Fights Against Judicial Activism from the U.S. Supreme Court

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The U.S. Supreme Court created homosexual “marriage” for Americans, virtually imposing this fake marriage and real gay tyranny on America last June.

And, as Franklin Graham said about Obama’s reaction to this creation, “Right after the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage, he had the gall to disgrace the White House by lighting it up with the gay pride rainbow colors to celebrate. This is arrogantly flaunting sinful behavior in the face of Almighty God.” Graham is the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel, said there is “a growing number of voices calling for resistance to the lawless marriage opinion.”

“Supreme Court justices swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, not invent a new one,” he said. “When they put their personal opinions in writing without one shred of constitutional support, the people have a right to question their authority.”

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When the Supreme Court decision was announced in June, Alabama did not, like other states, declare the issue resolved. The Alabama Supreme Court justices are resisting the judicial activism from the U.S. Supreme Court by upholding a law restricting marriage to opposite sex partners. For more information, read the WND report “Alabama gets serious in fight against ‘gay’ marriage,” by Bob Unruh.

Resistance has been a hallmark of Alabama justices. Last year, pro-abortion activist Nina Martin labeled Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker as a man who “has figured out how to dismantle Roe v. Wade.” According to her criticism, Parker is the biggest threat to abortion in this generation.

Abortion was granted federal legal acceptance, through the U.S. Supreme Court, under the administration of Republican President Richard Nixon in 1973. Since then, abortion has been allowed in the U.S. in all nine months of pregnancy and it has legally murdered over 60 million innocent Americans. Nixon did not fight fiercely against this judicial activism imposing capital punishment on the unborn. But he was the first U.S. president to resign because of political scandals.

Nixon’s biggest scandal was that he was not the biggest threat to abortion in his generation. But now God has raised Justice Parker as a better resistance to abortion in the U.S. Supreme Court.

And now God is also raising Parker and his worthy company of Alabama justices as a better resistance to gay “marriage” in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Roy Moore, the current Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, is famous for not following orders from federal judges to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Judicial Building in 2003. Both Moore and the monuments were removed from the building. But today he is again in the resistance.

Moore passionately embraces conservatism. Last July, he reacted when Facebook launched an app called “Let’s Celebrate Pride,” which allowed users to overlay an image of the homosexual rainbow over their profile picture. The Facebook celebration was in honor of the U.S. Supreme Court decision creating gay “marriage.”

The strongest resistance came from conservative Russians, as reported by me in my article “Conservative Russians Give Moral Lesson to Facebook’s Homosexual Propaganda,” published in Barbwire.

As a good conservative, Justice Moore spread my article on his Facebook profile. His message was clear: He was against the pro-sodomy judicial activism from the U.S. Supreme Court. He was supportive of the Russian resistance to this activism and to the Facebook celebration.

I support the conservative resistance of the Alabama Supreme Court to the U.S. Supreme Court in its liberal measures to kill the unborn and the real marriage.

With information from WND.

Portuguese version of this article: “Casamento” gay: Alabama luta contra ativismo judicial do Supremo Tribunal dos EUA

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