Gay-KK Longin’ for a Lynchin’

Barb Wire

Are you ready for a lynching? Well, ready or not, guess who’s been selected to take the long walk to the gallows?

None other than BarbWire Editor-in-Chief Matt Barber and yours truly. This is nothing new for Matt, but for me, this is a first. Honored to be in such great company, if I do say so myself.

Chew on this macabre morsel that was recently served up in BarbWire’s “Comments & Barbs” section:

Hello, You Nazis are all going to die. Matt Barber will be the first to hang. Jeff Allen will be next. All of this after being legally tried, convicted, and sentenced to hang for your crimes against humanity in a court of law, of course. You are abominations worthy of death and you will meet your King in Hell.

Am I just imagining things or does this person sound deranged? And to think, they started off so nicely with a big, friendly “hello.” It sounds like maybe this “tolerant” lunatic has designated himself judge, jury and executioner. There’s nothing like a predetermined verdict with a death sentence to boot, but isn’t this proof of exactly what we’ve been trying to say all along about the homofascist left?

I actually received about 30 death threats or ominous messages over a two-day period from what appears to be two different individuals (or at least two different email addresses).

But the death threats weren’t all that this/these loveable fuzz balls did. Oh, no, not by a long shot! They publicly posted my home phone number numerous times, called me a “parasite” (Isn’t that what the Nazis called the Jews?), and they also contacted my Bishop and my District Superintendent. The very day after the threats ceased, I received a visit from the district’s Assistant D.S. at my church office. It seems that there are those who don’t like it when I call things as they really are. They said it was more a matter of the tone of my columns that bothered them so much. And they really were upset by the Nazi rainbow flag that was attached to one of my articles. Hey, it is what it is. As a matter of fact, it’s getting harder every day to tell our modern homo-fascists from the Nazis of the 1930s and 40s. “Gay”-stapo or Gestapo, could somebody please tell me the difference?

In response to the complaint about my “harsh” tone, I told the Assistant D.S., In John Chapter 2, I bet when Jesus turned over the tables, pulled out the whip, yelled at the people, scattered the money and set the animals scurrying throughout the Temple, nobody felt all warm and fuzzy either.” Apparently, Jesus needs to work on his tone too.

Unfortunately, though, if I were to break my vows to the denomination, violate the Bible, and preach lies, everything would be just peachy.

To be honest, I was a little upset to discover that I was second on the executioner’s list. Geez, what’s a guy gotta do to be first around here? I guess I’ve got a lot of catching up to do; I’ll try not to disappoint.

In the meantime, the Gay-KK can keep their noose “on ice.”

“We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.” — Benjamin Franklin

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Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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