Gates Foundation Gave $117 Million to the Two Biggest Abortion Businesses

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Steven Ertelt at reports that the “hundreds of news stories in the last week about Melinda Gates’ claim that the Gates Foundation will not fund abortions,” are, in fact, based on efforts to mislead. This was taking place “at the same time the Gates Foundation was sending a vast fortune to the biggest abortion businesses in the world.”

“Time will tell” Ertelt writes, “if the Gates Foundation will truly disassociate itself from the abortion industry, but, at this moment, Melinda’s Gates’ promise to stop funding abortions looks disingenuous.”

Ertelt cites LiveAction, who he says, have “a more detailed snapshot of the funding”:

While Gates Foundation funds cannot be earmarked for abortion, the fungibility of money makes it easier for these organizations to provide abortion internationally. In other words, every dollar the Gates Foundation gives to Planned Parenthood for distributing birth control or building an abortion-friendly clinic frees up a dollar in Planned Parenthood’s budget to spend elsewhere.

If aid is fungible, it simply does not matter what donors finance. They may end up financing, at the margin, very different and perhaps undesirable activities. When the recipients of these funds are the world’s leading abortion providers, it’s not hard to figure out where newly freed money in their budgets will go.

The LifeNews article concludes with this:

The most likely conclusion is the is just the latest attempt by Melinda Gates to deflect attention away from its bankrolling the worldwide abortion industry.

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