Gallup: Donald Trump Exposes Why 60% of American’s No Longer Trust the Media

Remember last week when we asked if there was any institution more despised then the media? According to a recent Gallup poll 60% of Americans don’t think so.

Gallup revealed on September 17th, that a majority of American’s no longer trust the media (only Congress and the Executive branch – President Obama – share equal or lower poll numbers).

The Gallup report isn’t new news. The fact that American’s don’t trust the media is common knowledge. Since 1999 the media has been in virtual free fall. And the reasons are quite obvious. For several decades the media has violated the trust of Americans. Instead of “reporting” news and treating issues that middle America is interested in with a modicum of respect (issues like the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, border control, immigration) the media has flaunted their disapproval of traditional values and used their platform to preach, influence and peddle their own political interests. In doing so, they have essentially altered their job description from “reporting facts” to preaching their “infallible interpretation” of the facts.

Gallup suggests that Americans aren’t buying the bait and switch. Americans are very intuitive. They know when they’re being played and they are not willing to accept the media’s perceived “calling” to teach them what to believe about events around the world or right here at home in the U.S.A.

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Part of that may be historical. While America was born a good few centuries after the Reformation, the vestiges of that era still ring throughout the U.S. What I’m getting at is the debate that took place between the Protestant Reformers and the establishment Roman Catholic church.

Like the Protestants of the Reformation, Americans don’t need a divinely appointed clergy to tell them how to interpret news events. And yet that is exactly what an over zealous secular media does. And its clear they don’t mind being hypocrites when necessary. The same secular media, that would berate Catholics for dictating the terms of belief during the medieval era, conveniently contend for the ubiquitous control of the news today. It’s the media after all who routinely berate Americans and warn them about the evils of social media, conservative media, Rush Limbaugh and all the other radio hosts. In fact, no one is more dogmatic than the self-appointed priests and priestesses of the establishment media when they lecture Americans about the “lack of trustworthiness” in all the other streams today.

“But they can’t be trusted” they say.

“They’re biased” they say.

“They don’t report the facts. They peddle conservatism and conspiracy theories.”

The establishment media parrot these arguments without a hint of blush.

Obama mirrored this brazen attitude at his recent press conference discussing the Roseburg, OR, shooting. During that press conference he mentioned that if America wants to do something about “gun violence” it needed to be as motivated and organized as the gun lobby. And then he mentioned:

The people who are troubled by this have to be as intense and as organized and as adamant about this issue as folks on the other side who are absolutists and think that any gun safety measures are somehow an assault on freedom or communistic, or a plot by me to take over and stay in power forever or something. I mean, there are all kinds of crackpot conspiracy theories that float around there, some of which, by the way, are ratified by elected officials in the other party, on occasion.

For the record I heard this listening to Rush Limbaugh today, so I can’t actually quote Obama verbatim. But it wasn’t Rush that mentioned these words. They came directly from Obama’s mouth. Rush was simply broadcasting a clip form Obama’s press conference where the President mentioned “all kinds of crackpot conspiracy theories”.

Obama, for his part isn’t a news man. He fancies himself more like a pope of the modern church – the media – where he gets to lecture America about the necessary drawbacks to the Second Amendment. It’s all in order to stem the “routine” massacre caused by “gun violence.”

Naturally, there is no mention of “nut cases” nor does he suggest a policy on “stricter nut control.” No mention of a policy review on gun free school zones. No, none of this, just a blatant one-sided interpretation of the events. Of course, Obama can afford to do this. He is after all political by nature. But the media, the fourth estate, is suppose to be objective.

Only we all know the media is all too happy parroting Obama’s edicts and sequestering all the other important facts: facts like the gunman was nuts, that he targeted Christians, that he was half-African American (not that race should matter, but then the media is far from colour blind, especially when the perpetrator is white).

The media, like Obama, hate the alternative media and not because they have all kinds of “crackpots and conspiracy theories” but because they want to retain the monopoly on who has the right interpretation of events. This is precisely why the medieval Roman Catholics condemned the Protestants. They wanted the market on interpretation. They wanted the monopoly. It was all about who had the right to interpret. And behind that was the real prize – power over the minds of people.

Today, the players have changed, the particulars have changed, but the prize is still the same. Who will have power over the people? The “mainstream” media says they are the priests with the right to interpret. And as the Gallup report shows, America has had its Reformation and the laypeople aren’t buying it anymore. Americans have learned to interpret events for themselves.

And its been relatively easy too. Americans see that the media’s abuse extends far beyond their arrogant self-appointment and biased editorials. They see the media spreading lies, distorting and misinforming, obfuscating and concealing all the time. The Roseburg shooting and “gun control” is just one of thousands of ways in which they abuse their role in society.

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Below is a montage of memorable moments we believe will go down in political history. Anyone who plans to engage the public and fight back for the survival of America needs to study Trump’s tactic and tenacity. To repeat, people must not only admire Trump for his tenacious – no-holds-barred – treatment of the media, they should be imitators as well.

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Tristan Emmanuel
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