Fundraising Firm Rejects Gosnell Film Due to ‘Baby Stabbing’ Reference

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From the very beginning, the meanstream media was extremely resistant to reporting on Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s “house of horrors” abortion clinic in Philadelphia. The trial revealed the gruesome details about numerous, newborn babies being born alive and having their spinal cords snipped with scissors. In one case, a infant was born alive in a toilet and was moving around before a clinic employee grabbed it and severed its spinal cord. Nevertheless, this shocking story managed to attract the attention of only 12–15 reporters. It also took a considerable about of public outcry and letters from members of the U.S. House of Representatives to coax the three major networks into broadcasting the story, and even then the coverage was minimal at best.

When the FBI and the state police raided Gosnell’s facility, they were appalled by what they found. There was blood on the floor, blood-stained blankets, a 19-week fetus in the freezer, semi-conscious women moaning in the waiting room, the stench of urine in the air, rusty and outdated equipment, piles of medical waste in the basement, a flea-infested cat roaming around, and feces on the stairs. Those involved in the raid called the place “deplorable,” “filthy,” and “disgusting.” The Philadelphia abortionist was ultimately convicted of the first degree murder of three babies last May.

During an April 1 appearance on “The Kelly File,” Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers revealed that there is still strong opposition to telling the Gosnell story almost a year after the trial. Powers discussed how Kickstarter, a fundraising site for creative projects, refused to allow independent filmmakers Phelim McAleer and his wife Ann McElhinney to utilize their platform for a Gosnell Movie project.

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McAleer’s Hat Tip Productions’ Gosnell Movie, which will be based upon grand jury testimony, intends to tell the story of America’s worst serial killer who brutally murdered “hundreds of babies.” However, Kickstarter would only agree to work with them “if they would remove references to babies being stabbed to death,” which is the entire premise of the project. As a result, the couple turned to a similar site called Indiegogo, which indicates that the husband-wife team are attempting to raise $2.1 million in 45 days.

As Powers explained, “They [Hat Tip Productions] were essentially being asked to make a movie about a criminal, but being asked to remove the description of the crime that he committed.”

Powers and host Megyn Kelly both acknowledged Kickstarter’s obvious “double standard.”  “If you look at the kinds of projects that they have on Kickstarter right now, they have plenty of projects that involve rape, and incest and stabbing,” Powers noted, “It was quite clear that the issue here seemed to be abortion.”

Powers also described how Kickstarter defended their rejection of the film project. They claimed that the movie “violated their community guidelines” and didn’t uphold their “culture of respect and consideration.” However, Powers asked, “How could this possibly be disrespectful? It’s a description of what he did…There are plenty of movies that are done about serial murderers, so why is this one out of bounds?”

After being “shamed by the media,” Powers indicated that Kickstarter eventually made some concessions for the project, but by that time McAleer and McElhinney had already decided to switch to Indiegogo.

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