Full Video Released in Support of Lawsuit Against CNN & Washington Post

On January 18, 2019, students from Covington Catholic High School (Covington, Kentucky) were in Washington DC attending the national March for Life.

Some of the students were wearing MAGA hats when they were approached and harassed by radical leftists.

Then Nathan Phillips, an American Indian tribal elder, approached and got into the face of student Nick Sandmann, who just stood there and only smiled.

Both CNN and the Washington Post aired edited video clips accompanies with inaccurate descriptions of what really happened.

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They made the MAGA hat wearing Sandman into a national bad guy that resulted in death threats and more against the student.

An attorney for Sandmann has filed a $275 million lawsuit against CNN and the Washington Post for their intentional false news.

  1. Lin Wood, Sandmann’s attorney released a full-length video of the event that fully exonerates the students and show that the real culprits were those protected by the leftist media.

The National Sentinel – Lawyer for Covington Catholic teen Nick Sandmann releases video slamming CNN, WaPo, as lawsuits proceed (Watch) – L. Lin Wood, the lawyer for Covington, Ky., Catholic high school teen Nick Sandmann, has released a damning video as evidence in a pair of lawsuits against CNN and The Washington Post, condemning both for their “reckless lies” about his client.

This week the teen’s legal team filed a $275 million lawsuit against CNN over its alleged false attacks the Left-wing anti-Trump network (and other media) made against him in January.

Todd McMurtry, one of Sandmann’s lawyers, said on Fox News Tuesday: “It is a significant lawsuit seeking $75 million in compensatory damages and $200 million in punitive damages from CNN.” …

I live 20 minutes from Covington Catholic High School and saw on the local news how the CNN and Washington Post reports impacted the students and school.

The school was forced to close for several days due to threats made against the school.

When the school did reopen, they had extra police on hand to prevent any violence.

Sandmann and other students had numerous threats against them, that made them fearful when they returned to school.

There is no doubt that the coverage of what happened was intentionally done to vilify the students mainly because of Sandmann wearing the MAGA hat.



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