From Broward County to the DC Swamp, Democrats Steal Your Money and Your Vote

Broward county, Fla. Is doing with the ballot box what John Dillinger did to banks. I can picture Brenda Snipes wearing a fedora, toting a tommy gun, on the running board of a car.

Democrats are trying hard to steal two statewide elections in a county that’s become synonymous with election fraud. Kidnapping votes is a hallmark of the Party of Boss Tweed, Richard Daley and Landslide Lyndon.

It’s the Democrats modus operandi. They are – after all – the party of theft: the party of high taxes, the party of deficit-spending (stealing from future generations to cover current over-spending).  They are a gang of greedy pickpockets.

The Federal Income Tax came in under a Democrat, Woodrow  Wilson, who was also a racist and an internationalist.

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Under Barack Obama – the Jesse James of Kenya – the national debt more than doubled, soaring from $10.63 trillion on Inauguration Day, 2009 to $19.4 trillion on August 3, 2016, five months before his second term ended.

Democrats view tax cuts the way a vampire would a cross drenched in holy water and studded with cloves of garlic. Nancy Pelosi stays up nights scheming to repeal Trump’s Middle Class Cut. She’ll fail, of course, but the thought warms the cockles of her shriveled heart.

The perfect tax system for Democrats would be one where they take everything you have and give you back only what they think you need to keep producing for the state — like a collective farm in Soviet Russia.

The Party of Open Borders is cheering the illegals’ caravan heading for the U.S.. More illegals mean more Democratic votes. Of the 12 states that currently  issue drivers licenses to illegals – making it a snap for them to register to vote – all but two are Democrat strongholds.

Theft is the reason for election fraud. The Party of Plunder is equally adept at stealing your money and your vote.


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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,
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