Handling Influx of Muslim Immigrants

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As you’ve seen on the news, there’s been a huge influx of immigrants from the Middle East into Europe, and now there’s this big discussion about how many should we let into the United States. On the one hand you have individuals who are literally fleeing for their lives, and we know that directly because of our outreach at Liberty Counsel called Liberty Relief International. Through that we’re helping persecuted Christians throughout the Middle East, but also throughout the world who literally are dying or being evicted from their homes because of their faith in Jesus Christ. So that is a REAL situation.

Mat Staver: So you can understand what is happening with these people who are leaving, literally forced to flee and moving into other countries. On the other hand, it’s overwhelming to some of the European countries, I think it will be overwhelming to the United States. and there’s more behind the scenes that I think you ought to know about in terms of who are these individuals and why aren’t the Christians coming out of these countries in higher numbers?

Matt, this is a human crisis of huge proportions. Where individuals are literally having to flee. They’re overwhelming some of the European countries with regards to being able to relocate there, and soon we’ll have to deal with that same issue here in the United States.

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Matt Barber: Yea Mat…this is one of those tough ones. How do you balance the true humanitarian crisis here where you have Christians and others who are forced to flee ISIS so that they literally are not tortured to death, and avoid rape and murder. And that is certainly not the majority of folks it seems when you look at what’s happening in Germany and Sweden and elsewhere in Europe where it appears to be an invasion!

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