Free Tibet? How about Free America?

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By servative – BarbWire guest contributor

Before the Chinese invasion, Tibetans were a free people.

For years and years, I’ve seen Free Tibet, a bumper sticker on the back of Priuses, along with such gems as “War is never the answer.”

What a wonderful idea.

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I wonder what a liberal would be willing to do to actually accomplish such a task? Take Tibet away from China? Not likely. Wouldn’t be prudent, right?

But here’s the real question: would a liberal really want Tibet to be free?

You see, Tibet was in many ways a lot like America was before the Federal Empire took over:

Tibetans are a simple, quiet, cheerful people who emulate traditional behavior, if only because tested methods of survival and adaptation have proven most efficient and practical for centuries.

Conditions might be rigorous according to contemporary Western standards, but elements of strain and inconvenience affect everyone alike and evoke a deep sense of social unity and spontaneous friendliness among neighbors.

Leaning strongly on their understanding of Buddhism … a strong moral sense, dictated by honesty and direct negotiation, is coupled with the conviction that one should never expect something for nothing.

Tibetans are hard-working industrious, sympathetic, honest, loyal, open, kind, clever and just.

The common man is herdsman and farmer, carpenter, mason and general craftsman, goldsmith, boot-maker, doctor, trader and businessman. He builds the castles, monasteries, villages … His wife looks after the children and aging relatives, milks the family animals, churns the butter, weaves the woolen homespun and fashions clothes…

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