‘Free Speech,’ The Ultimate False Gospel in America

The gospel of ‘free speech’ is the big actor in Persecuted, a conservative movie featuring John Luther, a televangelist who loves free speech, the Bible, the Gospel… and the rosary.

In his most troubled times, Luther prays with the rosary in his hands.

The free-speech gospel culture has produced a hybrid Catholic-evangelical televangelist who defends in America a hybrid conservatism not centered on the Gospel, but on free speech. The movie reflects just the reality: For the sake of conservatism, evangelicals in the largest Protestant nation in the world are being Catholicized by placing an emphasis on moral issues and good works, not on the Gospel and the salvation that Jesus Christ offers freely by faith. Free speech and a conservatism of good works have taken precedence over the Gospel.

Even though the conservative unity, as proposed by the movie and abundantly shown in real life, is not “evangelizing” Catholics and not even producing hybrid Catholics. Instead, the reverse is happening. While Catholics are not losing their Catholic identity, U.S. evangelicals are losing theirs.

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Eventually, the hybrid evangelical conservatism will expand to encompass not only conservative Catholics, but also conservative Mormons, conservative Muslims, etc. So evangelicals will forget their main mission and that souls, conservative and otherwise, are in danger of being eternally lost.

“Persecuted” is a sad evidence of evangelical decadence because of “conservatism.” Watch the trailer below:

Pro-abortion feminist Dorri Olds said that Persecuted was “made up of mostly real-life conservatives.” Olds, who watched its premiere, adds that it “was pure religious right propaganda” and that it is a “A Movie For Christian Conservatives Only.”

She wrote about her talks with Persecuted actors and producers.

“Much of our culture is eroding,” actor and producer James R. Higgins told her. “There aren’t as many real Christians as there used to be.”

Olds asked, “What’s a real Christian?”

Higgins replied, “Somebody who will stand up for what he believes in and will not back down.” He praised the Luther character, saying, “Whenever people are willing to die for their cause, I think that is really special.” As recorded in TheBlot, Olds added, “Yeah, that’s it. Let’s all become suicide bombers!”

She also remarked, “When Higgins voiced how important it is to protect our right to freedom, I asked if he thought women should have the freedom to do what they want with their bodies. He said, ‘Oh boy, that’s a tough question. That’s what I call a social issue.’”

To defend freedom and free speech in a Christian society, as happened in the U.S. 200 years ago, produces freedom. In contrast, to defend freedom and free speech in a morally decaying nation today produces freedom for abortion, sodomy and other evils.

In Higgins’ definition, as written by Olds, even radical Muslims can be “real Christians.” But is such definition correct?

If feminist Olds had asked me, “What’s a real Christian?” I would have answered: “A real Christian is a man who knows and follows Jesus Christ. His passion is to preach the Gospel to every creature to give them an opportunity to know that Jesus can rescue and save their eternal souls from the eternal hell.”

Preach free speech to feminists like Olds, and they will use it for abortion. Preach the Gospel to them, and they can be delivered from their sins, including abortion activism.

Preach the real Gospel produces freedom, here and forevermore.

The power of Jesus and his Gospel have never been dependent on free speech or left-wing and right-wing political movements.

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Portuguese version of this article: “Liberdade de expressão,” O supremo falso evangelho nos EUA

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