France’s Sorrow; Our Wake-Up Call

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I think in the back of our skulls, we have all been waiting for this. I mean terrorism is easy. Occasionally when Al, the next yard over, puts a little too much BBQ starter fluid on the Hibachi and all Hiroshima breaks loose, my first reaction is to run for cover. It’s not a matter of “if” for me, it’s “when”.

I walk past events of importance and frequently notice holes in security. “This is North America man! What’s going to happen here?” That kind of naïveté should have become archaic after 2001. I mean, if I was Jihadi-JG, I could’ve knocked off at least a dozen of the so-called ‘Importants’ in society. My money says that you could too.

People are willfully unaware.

Perhaps we are just hoping these issues of national security go away.

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But they’re not

It’s easy to be a terrorist in western society.

Holy Savagery

One of the objections to Atheism is its inability to account for the morality of our conscience. If God doesn’t exist, why not steal, why not murder, why not rape and pillage. Some of the most dastardly deeds are done by seemingly conscienceless individuals. Their ends usually win them the best seat in the execution chamber: the ever-coveted high-voltage chair, or else an extended furlough in a ten-by-eight cell.

They have overridden the morality in their conscience and convinced themselves that God doesn’t exist, leaving them free to follow depravity’s path.

Unlike the community criminal, the Jihadist has a deified blessing to carry out evil against the non-Muslim. It’s an excuse for the Muslim to let their baser instincts (a result of man being born into sin) take over with a wink from Albert, (bless-his-name-forever-more) sorry, I mean Allah.


Society’s Split Brain Syndrome

On our end, we want freedom from God to lust, to abort, to steal, to cheat, to hallucinate, to trade natural affections for unnatural affections, to fill our minds with trash or to ignore the poor. We want God to go stand in the corner till we need Him to prosper, to grow, to protect or to heal.

“Come close God…ok now go away”.

The “Obamination Ad-menstruation” getting in for a second term is the result of our schizophrenic relationship with The Almighty. Like I have written before, we now have our modern day ‘Saul-ibaba’.

Two Enemies in the West

What we have seen in Paris is not unfathomable, but totally predictable. I mean you’d have to be in a coma to not have seen this coming. The western world has allowed two demonic enterprises to join forces and attack the spiritual backbone of what are now just cadavers of nations.

On one hand we have invited the most barbaric political ideology possible, Islam, to come find some nice fertile soil in our own backyards. Putting up with their Halal this, cover that; “We’re offended by this institution”; offended by that cross over there; “Take down that nativity for Allah’s sake!”

We ignore the fact that they are taking over entire towns and recruiting for Islamic guerilla camps within our own borders.
Bring this up at the next cocktail party you attend (total “elephant in the room” scenario).

On the other hand we have the disgruntled atheist who demands that not even the resting places of dead soldiers are sacred ground (and we joke in disgust about the Westboro Baptist cult!).

“Get rid of the nativity!”

“Remove those three most repugnant letters (G-o-d) from society.”

Really the only difference between the far-lefty and the Jihadist is that one of them will put bacon in their Caesar salad. In reality they both hate America and desire to reshape it into something we totally abhor.

You just can’t let subcultures have this kind of power.

It’s easy to be a terrorist in Europe.

Paris: No Surprise

So when I see reports of 158 dead so far and over 200 injured (Eighty seriously), honestly, I’m amazed it has taken this long for those bearded zombies to infiltrate and systematically eradicate.

They gloat over the cutting down of the very people who have indirectly fueled their victory by voting those polyester suit-wearing idiots into the senate. Politicians have rolled out the red carpet to those who would eat baby-flesh just to please Maurice (bless-his-name-for-ever-more), sorry, I mean Mohammed.

I want to be sensitive to those who have been gunned down or those, whose relatives have been gunned down, but folks, seriously, Europe opened the doors for this to happen years ago.

And now here in North Am, I’m just waiting.

You should see the eyes roll when I bring politics into the conversation. “Oh, here he goes again.” But people, if you are not willing to get even a little dirty in order to keep this land sovereign: don’t let the border guard hit you on the way out!

Our situation looks very much like the script to a cheesy B-rate movie:

We have a Kenyan-Jihadist-slash-commie in the Oval Office. He is willfully bringing in terrorists bent on raping your daughter (no matter how young she is), your mother, your grandmother, your father (especially Jihadists from the Northern Goat Brigade) and then decapitate them all with rusty pruning shears. They have been promised a porn-set with seventy virgins if they will die for the causes of oppression, suppression and the preservation of the mono-brow. They are arriving daily by the hundreds.

Does this sound alarming to you? It should.

We cannot let this go any further. We must consider France’s sorrow our wake-up call.

Be assured, as soon as they get organized:

Paris is here.
Paris is here.
Paris is here.

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JG Smoothy
JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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