Fox News Tucker Carlson Warns Trump No Re-Election if Nothing Done To Stop Tech Censorship of Conservatives

Everyone knows that tech and social media giants, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon have been actively censoring conservatives and Christians.

They have been creating new guidelines designed specifically to silence conservatives and Christians.

Then they hire flaming liberals to monitor and interpret the rules which only helps in their war to silence conservatives and Christians.

Conservatives have been calling for help – legal and political – for several years, but little has been done and the unconstitutional censorship continues and increases.

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Tucker Carlson, of Fox News, has warned President Trump that he will not be re-elected if Trump does nothing to stop the silencing of his conservative base.

BPR Business & Politics –   Tucker fires warning shot on widespread censorship: Does Trump realize he won’t be reelected if it goes unchecked? –  Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Wednesday that unless President Donald Trump clamps down on the growing censorship of conservative voices by tech giants such as Google and Twitter, he won’t be reelected in 2020. Why? Because without conservative voices, nobody will know the truth anymore.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host posited the ominous prediction while speaking with renowned attorney and RNC committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon about Google’s willingness to silence dissidents both here in the United States and abroad.,,

There’s documented proof that Google has been jumping through hoops to cater to China’s Communist government, which seeks to tightly control what its citizens see and hear on the Internet.

Just this week Google banned ads for virtual private network products that target Chinese users. VPNs are frequently used to bypass the Chinese government’s censorship tools. Last year Google was busted building a special censored search engine just for China. While the project was allegedly cancelled after backlash, the evidence suggests it’s still ongoing

Besides suspending or shutdown the websites of conservatives, Google and Facebook have been trying to drive conservatives and Christians out of business by removing their ability to earn ad revenue on their websites.

Many conservatives rely on the ad revenue to pay for their websites and to supplement their income.

When the ad revenue is removed from these sites, many end up having to shut down, sometimes being forced to lay-off employees – this happened to me and some of my colleagues.

This is another form of censorship with the intent to silence the truth.



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