Fox News Poll Shows Democrats Think Moving to Socialism is Good Thing

First it was plain homosexuals who came out of the closet and into the open to change America.

Then it was transgenders and other LGBTQ people who came out of the closet to change America.

Now it is socialists who are coming out of the closet with their intent on changing American.

None of these changes are a positive thing, but rather, they all go against everything America was founded upon and what made America the great nation it used to be.

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Those pushing these changes wallow in the benefits of the society they are trying to destroy and seem to be blind to the fact that if they get their changes, they won’t have freedoms and benefits they now enjoy.

Fox News – Socialism Rising: Plurality of Dems want US to move toward socialism, according to Fox News poll – A plurality of Democrats think it would be a “good thing” for the U.S. to move toward socialism, according to a Fox News poll released Thursday — the latest sign of the Democratic Party’s lurch to the left.

The poll asked voters if it would be a “good thing or a bad thing for the United States to move away from capitalism and more toward socialism.” Forty percent of Democrats said it would be a good thing, while only 34 percent said it would be a bad thing.

Among all voters polled, 54 percent said a move toward socialism would be bad, with only 24 percent saying it would be good. Republicans were more united against the shift, with 80 percent saying socialism would be a bad move, and eight percent saying it would be good.

The poll also found that voters prefer increasing spending on domestic programs over cutting taxes and reducing spending, and their preferred way to finance that spending is by taxing the wealthy…

Virtually all of the socialist policies being pushed by Democrats have been tried in other countries and in virtually every instance, those policies have failed and led to worse problems.

National socialized healthcare is failing in Canada and Great Britain and already failed in Venezuela.

Canadians and Britons have seen their coverage decrease while their taxes to pay for it increase.

America’s socialist Democrats want to start raising taxes on everyone, especially the wealthy, but similar efforts are what led to widespread unemployment, poverty and social unrest in Venezuela, a socialist nation that has seen runaway inflation.

Look out America because if Democrats get control of the Senate and White House, we are certain to follow the path being set by Venezuela.



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