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My relationship with Fox News has been a love-hate ordeal.

They have something that I want.

I can’t get from other “propaganda outlets” such as CNN or MSNBC.

I want a view of the world that isn’t through the lens of the far left. It’s almost impossible to get a station that sees from even the middle left. With left wing deviants placed in strategic positions in the ranks of the Liberal mainstream media, you’d have a better chance of winning the “Powerball” before getting a story mentioning Christianity in a positive light.

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But Fox will present the Jesus story. In fact they even have a priest on staff as a regular contributor. A number of news anchors identify themselves as Evangelicals.

But, I’m not so coy as to think that Fox does this out of a Christian conscience.

Ambushing Donald Trump

The upcoming debates got me thinking.

Donald has said that he will not be coming to the debate.

We can surmise it had something to do with his Megyn Kelly feud.

Trump’s interview with Bill O’Reilly closed the door on any surprise attack on the debate tonight. Bill (supposedly a Trump fan) chastised Trump enough that he now has to ride out his planned absence or suffer the reputation as a disciplined child.


Only time will tell.

One must ask, why doesn’t Fox just pull Megyn Kelly from being a moderator?

Is it more important that Megyn Kelly is there, or that a presidential candidate is there?

We all know there would be a special set of questions subversively written into the dialogue for DT. This will officially authenticate a feud between Fox and Trump.

Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab!

But opposed to what news outlets are saying, isn’t this evident of a man you want in office?

He stands strong no matter what people are saying.

If DT doesn’t bargain with News Moderators and TV stations, you can certainly bet he won’t bargain with terrorists or panty flinging lefties!

If anything, I see this as another one of Donald Trump’s strengths.

Certainly, for those who know politics, DT is the only real chance us conservatives have of getting the Dems out of office.

I love Cruz. I have newfound respect for Rubio (when looking past the Gang of Eight shenanigans). And I could live with Carson minus his vaccination Gestapo.

But anyone who sees the spell that Hilary has cast over the population of empty headed Americans knows that it’s going to take a “big name,” an outspoken, strong personality — a celebrity if you will — to win the election.

Not as pious as he Makes Out

As well, let’s get this straight: Trump is no Christian.

I don’t think he could even classify as lukewarm.

Trump, for all intent and purposes, is a moral liberal and a fiscal conservative.

But he as President he would not suppress the Christian community at large, and would certainly flatten out the wishes of the “refuse-gees” who are trying to impose a caliphate on American land.

Yes, although fiscally and on an international scale, Cruz, Rubio, or Carson could change things for the better, it is their dedication to their Christian morals that would eventually see America escort them out of the Whitehouse.

As a Christian, I never want to live under a Godarchy till I am skipping down the streets of gold. God would take no pleasure in seeing people forced to serve Him. And just so you know, I am not suggesting that that is what candidates like Rubio, Carson or Cruz would do. I would love to see any one of them in office.

But I believe it would probably be for one term max if they were to win because of their faith.

Dear reader, it’s not because their faith might wane, (this is going to hurt) it’s because America, for the most part, is not in love with Jesus.

Obama is not in office (for the second time) because he was the best candidate. I believe he is there out of judgment on a nation whose churches are lukewarm, whose citizens’ hearts are far from the will of God.

You could call it your “Israel-Saul syndrome.”

God was satisfied with Israel being ruled by judges, but the people demanded a king.

Eventually God gave them what they wished and the result was Saul.

We see this constantly for Israel in the Old Testament.

The people put their relationship with God on the shelf; God brings in a tyrant to bring them back to him. Unfortunately, I believe most Americans still have God on the shelf.

I don’t think America yet deserves devoted Christians in the Whitehouse such as Cruz, Rubio, or Carson. Men such as these would deliver the goods, but constantly be fighting a people that, by their actions, show that Jesus Christ is just a side salad in their lives.

If America’s heart was seeking God out, then DT would be filming season sixteen of The Celebrity Apprentice and not trying his hand at politics.

But I could be wrong.

First things first: Expel the Democrats

For now my dear reader, my goal is not to convince you that any of these candidates would not be up to the task of turning the US around. My goal is to bring all conservatives together, under the flag, and have an honest conversation about the chances of any GOP candidate to beat out the Wicked Witch of the East.

Trump, without a doubt, looks like the best candidate to do that.

Remember, the goal is to flatten Hillary and get the Dems out of power (first and foremost).

Enemy Fox’s role in the shenanigans and my conspiracy theory

How does Fox play into this?

My theory/conspiracy plays out as so:

I look at Fox News multiple times per day.
As I make my way down the News page, the stories get trashier and trashier.
Eventually, through Fox links, I could eventually make my way to Donkey Porn if I was so sickly inclined.
Whenever I watch a video clip, the women are basically playboy models flashing tons of leg and tight dresses.
This doesn’t seem conservative to me at all.

And then, they go after Donald at the last debate.

I, in my caffeine polluted mind, wonder if Fox is not conservative in the least.
Fox king pin Rupert Murdoch realizes there are two sides of morality in this nation and CNN and MSNBC are doing a great job covering the lefties already.

So why not cover the Conservative viewpoint?

– They’d have a massive crowd.
– A committed crowd.
– A crowd that would tout the conservatism of Fox News to other conservatives (word of mouth advertisers).

Yes folks, I suspect Fox has cornered the market of the American Conservative for no other reason than ratings.

So if that is the case, why not undercut the best chance at getting the Dems out of office.

I’d imagine, since aligning themselves with, especially hyper conservative viewers, Fox News’ ratings have climbed.
If the GOP gets into office, what are they going to report on?

Almost every Fox News front-page story has something to do with the failings of the Democratic Party (which are usually accurate).

But how will Fox draw the conservatives if a conservative takes office?

Obviously Fox sees the momentum that DT has gained.

I would suggest that Fox News is turning on Donald because they don’t want a Republican in office; it would be bad business for them.

And this tells me they see the possibility of Trump plowing over Clinton on his way into the Oval Office.

At worst, Donald Trump could at least remove the crooked Dem machine.

At best, he could be our gateway to a Conservative America.

(This article will no doubt crush any chance I could ever have of becoming a Fox News contributor).

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JG Smoothy
JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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