Fox News Declares Elizabeth Warren Disqualified to be President or Senator

Elizabeth Warren reportedly claimed to be an American Indian in order to be admitted to Harvard.

Elizabeth Warren reportedly claimed to be an American Indian in order to be a professor at Harvard.

Elizabeth Warren reportedly practiced law without a license.

It was reported that Elizabeth Warren proved to be only about 1,024th American Indian, at the most, therefore making her minority claims to be a lie and her gaining favored privileges based upon a lie.

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This apparent fraud has led Fox News to declare that Warren’s lies should disqualify her being a Senator, let alone able to run for or serve as president.

Fox News – Elizabeth Warren is a fraud — Her lies about being Native American disqualify her from presidency, Senate – Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is expected to announce her candidacy for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination Saturday, is a fraud. For decades she has been living a lie, pretending to be a Native American when she is not.

Because of her long history of lying about her racial background, the Massachusetts Democrat is unfit to occupy the White House and unfit to sit in the Senate. She should end her presidential candidacy before it begins and resign her Senate seat.

There is only one reason a person would fraudulently make a claim to be from a racial or ethnic group not his or her own: to benefit from affirmative action or other preferential programs created for underrepresented groups that have been victims of past discrimination. Native Americans, African-Americans and Hispanics are such groups…

How, in the eyes of Democrats, Warren lying about her past in order to obtain special favor and privileges is perfectly acceptable and does qualify her to be a Senator and even President.

After all, isn’t that what Barack Obama did to become a Senator and occupier of the White House?

Did not Obama lie about his past, including where he was born and his Muslim upbringing?

Yet, Democrats declared him to be their messiah and savior.

Is this how Democrats will reward Warren?

Will then reward her lies with the keys to the White House as they did with Obama?



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