Former FCC Commissioners Say Trump Hush Money Not Necessarily Violation

Democrats have spent nearly 2 years trying to find anything possible with which they could charge against Donald Trump with hopes of ousting him from the White House.

From the moment former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony before House committees became public, Democrats and other Trump adversaries have been drooling at the mouth over the thought of finding Donald Trump guilty of violating federal campaign finance laws.

They believe that when Trump paid off two women to keep them quiet about alleged sexual misconduct allegations,

They believe that Trump could have used campaign finances to make the payoffs.

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However, several  FCC commissioners are saying that the two accusations of violating campaign finance laws are most likely NOT criminal.

Fox News – Former FEC commissioners: Trump-Cohen ‘hush’ payments not necessarily a violation – Michael Cohen’s guilty plea and subsequent sentencing for campaign-finance violations and other crimes revived speculation about President Trump’s potential legal exposure — but some former Federal Election Commission members say neither of them necessarily committed a violation with hush-money payments to purported Trump paramours.

The salacious details of those payments, which have steadily come to light in the course of two investigations into Cohen and in turn compelled Trump to acknowledge his involvement, speak to somewhat of a grey area in campaign-finance law.

Top Democrats in recent days have suggested the violations amount to an “impeachable offense” and could even merit future prosecution. According to Cohen, Trump ordered him to make payments to Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels going into the 2016 presidential campaign…

If proven that Trump’s paying of hush money did not come from campaign funds and that it was made out of his private money, there would be no violation of federal laws.

If there were no violations of the federal campaign finance laws, it would take all the wind out of the sails and deplete their hopes of charging Trump with any crimes.

The only thing worse than a bunch of hostile Democrats planning on eliminating their worst enemy – Donald Trump – is a bunch of Democrats trying to create false charges to accomplish the same.



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